Monday, June 1, 2009


The recent floods churned out dead trout. The forestry officials stod by the banks shouting out to people that had come for a free fish, "Get your hands off the dead fish!"
This in the month of the "meat-ban" and this when the fishes are dead! Apparently the bhutanese have a real hard on when it comes to the aquatic bitch. One legend cited as to the fishes' apparent desolate life in the under-waters was that it hadn't bothered to show-up at the Buddha's gathering of the beast for talks on the Dharma. Well fvck me side-ways but aren't these guys limb-less?
But dead Cow, Pig and Chicken will do!

Buddhism and the edible flesh should be left as they are: those who wanna sin by fishing and eating them fish should be left as they are. Far as dead things go, a dead cow is no better than a dead fish but then again the cow was at the beastly gathering now, wasn't she?

If its one thing i hate its the Discriminating Carnivore. They sure don't complain when the grill is set and the fish turns into a mouth-watering roast now do they?

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