Friday, May 22, 2009

Feeling Minnesota

Minnesota. I've never been to Minnesota, yet I feel a connection to this cold state next to the Great Lakes of the Mid-Western region of the United States.
The state has two capitals or are they two capitals? I dunno. They are called Mineapolis and St. Paul. Its not an isolated delusion. There are places the world over where people have never been yet they feel the call- the call of the native that lives there.

I know a person in Minnesota. She has made Minnesota what Minnesota has become for me: a lovely place besieged by aggravated externals. Sometimes the beauty of a thing is its very anonymous being. You don't know what make-up goes into the creation and existence of that thing but yu don't mind. Its beauty captivates you, drives you, inspires you. All you have is a name and an image.

Thats what I have of Minnesota. An image. It lingers and hovers around my space, my subconscious space.
A part of me wants to materialize it. Another wants to keep it the way it is: an unknown entity that speaks, cajoles, confides and embraces me.

A man's wants is endless. His methods for claiming it, ruthless.
Once posessed, the being becomes seedless.

She knows a place called Bhutan. She knows a place called Bhutan because she knows a person called Bhutanese. The Shangrila has become a living, breathing person for her. The beautiful thing is that neither has ever seet foot on the other. Or known each other eye to eye, face to face, being to being.

Thats how time and space become meaningless.
It tells us explicitely: know the mind and the mind shall set you free. Reality truly is in the head of the beholder!

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