Friday, May 22, 2009


i'm done with love
its a four-letter word
its tower of self-righteousness
i'll resist and raid
untill it crumbles and fades

i'm done with the idea of love
you live in a real world where food matters
and the hungry crowd the spaces yet to be wired and fenced in
while the loving lot discuss the classics
and shred the commoner's dream for appetisers and desserts

i'll not choose one more person deserving of love
i'll give it to all or save it for none

should i find one that offers me the trap
i'll strip and lay bare; the primordial nakedness of it all

compassion be damned!
mercy be damned!
the very dharma be damned!

the lips that service these black emotional trades
i'll burn without thought
the tongues that wag the experience of the sages
i'll cut without naught

and should i enlist in the army of patronisers
i'll hang like Saddam
be blown like Prabhakaran

this is how it is
it is how this is

now speak to me no more of the Buddha
and let Jesus himself be damned!

now speak to no more of Krishna
and let Allah himself be damned!

this is how it is
it s how this is

you say this
i say that

thats how the cookie crumbles
thats how the cookie crumbles



Manju Wakhley said...

Anger be damned
thats how the cookie crumbles
Apple crumble and custard

Manju Wakhley said...

Came back to read
Koan is gone

tellingtalisman said...

There's a better koan