Thursday, May 28, 2009

i'm noccturnal

Its 11:39pm. The euphoria of last night's Champions League final has become today's dread. The worls around me is quiet. People still sleep! What a miracle!

I sit in my office desk. The golden cat that waves (and aren't the Chinese just plain ingenious when it comes to toying with peoples' inherent obsession with good-luck and fortune-teling? You see, the success behind the immense sales of these gold and silver colored one-hand waving cats is that they bring you "luck".
The hand's gotta be in perputal motion. Which means a lot of dead batteries and a lot of dead batteries die because they get charged back in China!)

Now i hear dogs wailing outside! Thats a bad omen. Probably barking at the fact that i'm gonna have a long long night.

I've been reading other peoples' blogs. They are as varied as the trees in the forest. What am i doing here sitting staring at an electronic screen?

To be continued...

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