Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its the Champions League!

 Roma to Thimphu
And across five continents
Football's Unity!

Lush green fields of grass
A simple clear strategy
Score more goals and win!

Its Barcelona
And Manchester United
The beauty of football
Is that it is round
That's what Cruijff always says
Let's enjoy the night

     Absent politics: No Capitalization: 
And another thing Just Pure Balls of Peace
Cruijff used to say among many things:
"He was born off-side!" I count the World Cups
Six World Cups back i saw Three
The men in short shorts There aren't that many!
Chasing a ball over green fields
Bring more joy than science

Its that time of the year, when nothing else matters; not even Metallica! What's left in a man's life if there weren't a spotted, striped ball to kick around! Turn on the television and its more of the same: bad, bad news. Plug in your compt and its more of the same: a bad bad world with even badder people! But guess what? 

Tonight there aren't gonna be as many killings as there usually is. Contractual killers will want the day of to soak in the whole atmonsphere to that impending Champions League final at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Yesteryears  gladiators of the Coliseum are today's footballers and man, bless the English for getting one thing right when the "Sun never set in their empire."

The empire burlesque has long crumbled but look at what foota has become! A global-local sport loved by 'em all: Terrorists in the Afghan caves are gonna have satellite dishes mounted and all pending terrorist targets cancelled/postponed for the event.
Rapists couldn't be bothered by Scarlett Johannson. Patrolling platoons around volatile borders be cheering their Messis and Rooneys.

I'm already on that build-up trip. Frankly i'm neither a Red Devil or a Catalan. I just enjoy watching foota, more so when its between two really inform-attacking teams as the two finalists are tonight.
What a mouth-watering wait!
There's a sports bar called the "Express Lounge" in the building i live. Tonight we gather there at around 10pm Bhutan Standard Time (+5GMT?).  Some of us are gonna be pissed, others happy but there's no denying we are all gonna enjoy it!
Which reminds me: i probably have about six more prime-time World Cups left in me. 
How many have you got left?
Enjoy the match!

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