Monday, May 18, 2009

Virtuosity flies, Reality hides

i have nothing fresh to write, nor is it the first time i've blogged. But a journeyman is no stranger to ping pong. Y'see, i'd written a lot; joined a lot of forums and communities hither and dither. time goes by and you feel chained and imprisoned to these so called doors of perception and some twisted form of creative freedom.

then bang! one day you're sitting staring at the buttons and the urge to just go and 'delete' is primeval. i got rid of many and then find myself trying to build one from the bottom up!

my girfriend and i broke up online. i did the valiant pursuer and got peanuts. so i went ahead and deleted our virtual ties: emails, skype id's and the like.

its one break up that still gets me, it gets me because it happened online- where reality takes a beating everytime.
i will get over that. there's no choice. one has to.

such gems do not fall everyday from the tree of jewels!
but should i see her oneday, i'm gonna get up and say, 'virtuosity flies; reality takes a dive and hides'.

these liquid crytals i despise
yet everyday they take me by surprise!
the grapes of wrath, really, are the amusing nonsensical heaviness of life.

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