Saturday, June 6, 2009


They call the Greek "Alexander the Great" among other epic avatars. Well, here's a diversion. Long before the handsome Greek set his sails to carve out a piece of the known world there was a Mongol raised riding horses in the high Mongolian Steppes. The boy, born of a tribal leader, was Temujin. History tags him "Genghis Khan...the Barbarian."  Riding around hacking heads and wrecking cities could no way in hell be deserving of that "Greatness." This was how he was painted and as the history shelves collected more and more dust, so did the name of Genghis Khan. Yo could say he was an advertiser's delight! For you could label him the Anti-Christ, the Murdering Horde, the Butcher of Steppe, the Mad Mongolian...but Genghis Khan the Barbarian was the glue that stayed stuck. Apparently, all poor Genghis could do was wrestle gracefully, fight ferociously, battle on endlessly and really; without much design or candor.

This is not a finger in the direction of the"Handsome Greek" nor is it to suggest Alexander was lesser than the Great Khan. But the way in which historians have carved out the statuesque Greek is in sharp contrast to the dull paint meted out to the Mongol.

Hollywood didn't help matters by further cementing that blood-thirsty image of a marauding chieftain whose only purpose in life was to shed blood. But history is seldom fair and never neutral. In the battle for the belt of the Super-Heroes, Alexander was Superman, to Genghis' LexLuther (*is it?) 

Don Quixote comes to mind the way Genghis was screened. Here are a few bullet points to illustrate what cannot be illustrated but you get the picture....For they tried to brush away a lion amongst men: In the savannahs and in the jungles, the Roar of the Lion is the loudest and the most respected.

" This to a man who conquered more than half the known world.
This to a man who fathered the Mongolian race.
This to a man who held "Meritocracy" higher than "Family." 
This to a man who valued artisans, mathematicians, astronomers, craftsmen and men of            science   and skils.
This to a man who personally followed no religion but allowed all his subjects freedom of   worship.

This to a man who was a brilliant strategist and the vanguard of today's military designs.

This to a man who was born to lead; inspired others to do the same.

This to a man who was loyal to friends and fair with enemies.

This to man who understood that to inspire and to lead was to bleed.

This to a man who was one amongst his warriors; leading his brethern by example and   principle.

This to a man who sacked sick cities to rebuild healthy new ones.

This to a  man who nearly knocked over western Europe.
This to a man who is deeply revered in Mongolia and is rightly credidted as The Founding Father pf Mongolia

And they have the gall to call him the "Barbarian Khan and his Blood-Thirsty Warriors."

But everything pans out. If you are a Mongol- You're already a Khan!

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