Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monkeys In The House

Lately i've been off the tube. Wimbledon has been a blur along with the Confederations Cup in South Africa. Both went great guns. The best Confederations Cup ever is how its being spinned and rightly so; watching some of the highlights. Looks like the "Fed-Express" came to a premature ejaculation at SW19. The fact that Rafa the Bull was out with a knee injury took the gloss-off for me.

But closer home, its been the charade surrounding the decision of the DPT government not to broadcast live the National Assembly proceedings that gets my goat.

I had a god night's sleep. Woke up with no special dreams and drive off to work. I walk in and see today's issue of Kuensel.
"Opp. leader & media hauled over coals" reads the banner headline!
At first i'm thinking the mining issue is now burning red-hot and somehow our Opp. leader- with the media is getting roasted.

I read the story. If this is democracy gimme back my monarchy; gimme back my king! Looks like in the absence of live cameras the DPT did what it wanted to but could not in the first session: maul the opposition leader for all they were worth. I dare say this restricted public mauling was done in typical Bhutanese fashion: Make sure nobody actually sees it other than characters already involved. Make sure you give it your all- lock, stock and barrel. And make sure you do it in front of the people that matter (your bosses).
The DPT is taking sucking-up and arse-licking to higher grounds.

I read on and find these comments: "No discipline" (directed at the OL) from the Punakha MP. "Useless Issues and discussions." The Wangduephodrang MP.
"This Saturday there was a Kuensel story saying that MPs wil misappropriate CDG but if we were against the media then this reporter would be thrown in prison." The Trongsa MP (There was no such story and anyways, as Kuensel rightly pointed out, a reporter cannot be thrown in prison because an MP wants to).

These were party cadres and monkeys shouting off the banana boat. There were disturbing comments from seasoned leaders. Lyonpo Zimba said "The new government was being attacked." Presumably for no rhyme or reason by the Media, the National Council and the Opposition Leader. Lyonpo Khandu Wanchuk said " the danger with the media is that some of them are commercial entities and maybe guided by commercial interests over that of the people and the nation."
If he stands for re-election, he'll not get my vote.

As for the opposition leader, he deserves more than the brickbats he's being subjected to. But then again, these are brickbats coming in from monkeys in a house in which no-one knows what's happening because it's on a media-black-out and backlash path.

Kudos to the Opposition Leader for sticking it out and sticking it to them. All the points he raised were valid, sensible and subject to discussion and scrutiny.

I'm suddenly absolutely uncomfortable with the actions and statements made by the DPT government. Who the hell is that monkey from Trongsa to declare that his better volition not to throw the Kuensel reporter in prison was his tolerance and acceptance of and for the media? Who the heck is that monkey from Punakha to talk about "discipline?" if he means discipline of the kind that "sees no evil, speaks no evil and hears no evil?" Who in this sacred begotten kingdom is that monkey from Wangduephodrang to absolve issues the Opposition Leader brought about as being "useless discussions?"

Mr Lyonchhen, please cage in your monkeys before they harm you, your party and the exercise and process of a democracy.
Mr Speaker, please rein in your monkeys before all decorum and dignity is lost. Shakespeare's "My monkey for a house, my monkey for a house" comes to light and mind, albeit a li'l modified.

This democracy perhaps is yours to mess-up. This kingdom, perhaps is yours to break-up The next elections, perhaps is yours to lose but please do remember the old harbor for that is where all ships anchor, dock and rest.
"For the people; Of the people and By the people!" And for want of a few renegade monkeys, we're no way losing what's been gifted to us from the Throne: The Constitution and a Democratic Way of Life for Each and Every Bhutanese.

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have spoken volumes in a page. I too am annoyed by the blatant words of ignorance showered by the Trongsa MP (I wouldn't dare care anyone a 'monkey' although it seems to sound/rhyme well with 'MP'). But Pema Gyamtsho's words were simply putrefying. He dares to hint the public as chickens because we cannot fill the seats in the assembly hall despite their keeping the door wide open. Dear Minister, the residents of thimphu are not the only public. They are not the only Bhutanese. If you challenge the people to come in and take their seats you might have to eat humble pie because not a thousand buildings the size of the national assembly hall could fill the bhutanese people you dare them to attend.

That's the attitude of a minister; I don't suppose the other blue scarved MP's can think any better than him.

Ashang said...

You should find a way of adding another tick option - "funny and interesting" to qualify most of your entries. They are apt, interesting and most certainly, written effortlessly with a funny sense of undertone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. Guess the "process" is still on...
Ashang you are kind...Cheers!

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