Thursday, June 4, 2009


Got back from a harrowing trip down south to P-Ling late last night. The Thimphu air, in a span of 48 hours, somehow felt fresh and proper after what was a burning affair down at the border and beyond. It was a good trip, albeit the usage of the word "harrowing" up there.  The "harrowing" came into the picture because it fcvked-up our early morning plans the other day to rise up with the river-birds and hit the road.
We did (that's Jimmy the Jewel). The jewel was all pumped up for the journey. The night before I'd told him before hitting the sack, "We hit the road by six". The jewel gets up sometime before the river-birds and is all showered and dressed when he tells me, "We hit the road right now."

I get up half-impressed at the jewel's enthusiasm and the other trying to scrap a few fragmented bits of whatever it was i was dreaming of.
Dreams! They are fcvkin' elusive!

i get up and grab my clothes. its the usual make-up- really old jeans and a cotton t-shit topped by a Adidas flavored black jack.

but what about Lahlah? You see, the Jewel hangs out with a real waster, who happens to be a German Shepard. we both look at Lahlah. he looks right back. We're thinking, "would be nice to have him on the trip but hell, the road's a mess, the season's monsoon and we dunno where and for how long we'd be."
"They're gonna drop me. Shit man they are gonna drop me. The shameless bastards!" is what we see in Lahlha's face.
Some decisions are tough but they gotta be made. the jewel wants an opinion from me to back up his. i go along.
"Bastards!" Lahlah's thinking. We gotta move. There's a advertising prints for a tourism company coming in at Alipur Duar. The place is a good 40 minutes drive from the check post in P-Ling.
Lahlah gets dropped. the jewel walks him home to his place and i go turn the Land Rover around.

I get back on the  highway  and the jewel's waiting. The river-birds are now beginning to twitter. The early morning faint mist cleanses the  remnants of my sleep and that of my clueless dreams.

the road ahead looks good. we bypass early morning joggers which brings us to the first conversational-dialogue of the day: Didn't someone sometime die jogging here? Yup. The guy was a health-freak and that was a bad day for him- instead of going to work he landed up in ICU.
fcvkin' crossed-eyed drivers!

We're nearing the Confluence. This is where the rivers of Paro and Thimphu meet. "Fvck man! Looks like we're gonna be having Nans at Kunga by noon." there's a certain pleasure knowing you're ahead of the game plan. never mind that it was our own. We near the check-post. the cop wants the usual: Name: Licence Number: Owner: Destination eta.
Then comes the bombshell. Phuentsholing? Sorry Sir but the road's been shut down till noon. you will just have to while away the many hours in between the dawn and the noon.
"Fcvk me sideways and torch my naked arse!" is what I'm thinking.
"suddenly I'm real tired and sleepy" is what the jewel's saying.

sometimes you just can't tell one river from the other. And we have no "Plan B."
To Be Contd>>>

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