Wednesday, June 10, 2009

whats a drukpa?

I'm a Drukpa. Drukpas are the inhabitants of Druk-Yul, known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" to the world at large or as Bhutan. Bhutan is not name commonly associated wth the Bhutanese when referring to the country. The practiced norm is, "Palden Drukpa." Which can be translated as the "Victorius Land of the Thunder Dragon."

The dragon is emblazoned on the country's flad. The flag is divided into two diagonal halves. The upper half represents the color yellow, a symbolic representation of the secular power of the king existing side by side in perfect harmony with the lower half depicting the spiritual half. The lower color is orange, of the dharma and its influence. Running across the Diagonal flag is a Dragon holding i its claws "Four-Wish-Fulfilling-Norbus (Gems)".

Every Bhutanese is a Drukpa irrespective of their ethnicity or origin. There are right about now less than 7,00,000 Drukpas. This is a small number if you into account the Chinese hovering up above our northern borders and the multitude of Indians down south.
With the advent of modern-planned development somtime in the late 50s and 60s, the Drukpas underwent a revolutionary social and cultural change, that in hindsight, is now taking a toll on the younger Drukpas.

My generation of Drukpas are the third-generation of government-educated Drukpas. We went to boarding schools. That toughened us. We were also the bridge that connected the old Drukpas from the educated new ones. But what our generation learnt was the honor and the blessing of being a Drukpa. Of belonging to this great beautiful land protected and bestowed upon us by our ancestors; by our kings.
This gave the Drukpas of my generation the pride and will necessary to uphold one's customs and traditions. We were at ease and at home whether we were in a monastery or a bar. We could hold our own whether we were amongst sheep or amongst wolves.
We were aware of our heritage and that gave us confidence. Now we hope to launch the monthly, "Dukpa" to touch and raise these issues.
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