Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is my third day (or is it four?) in Phuentsholing. I woke up yesterday morning to see the Dark Side of the Sun and saw thundering torrential rains instead.
I woke up again to see the union of the Yin and the Yang and saw nothing. Maybe that was the eclipse; maybe not.

Anyhow i'm glad that that is over and done with! I consoled myself with the fact that at least i saw the Lunar Eclipse and of course the big one, Haley's Comet. I was a kid then. I'm an adult now and still these celestial happenings arouse us!

It was a good day yesterday. I met up with an old friend. He's stopped smoking. I was impressed with that. Nicotine isn't easy to give up. We talked shop and we talked about the ride they'd made to Bumthang. I'm gonna make sure i'm on those rides from now on. But i've been telling myself that and every time they make a ride, i have to write. Its like what my friend Pale Rider said to me yesterday in an email. "To Brother Who Seldom Rides But Often Writes."

My buddy here is the Cool Rider. We've these names for everybody. Or is he the Crazy Rider? I'm not quite sure...shows i've been sloppy when it comes to the ride! We've a Wind Rider...Whale Rider...Old Rider...i was tagged, literally with the initials on my biking jacket T R...which is Toxic Rider.
Probably has to do with the fact that i've been intoxicated most of my life. Intoxicated with this and intoxicated with that.

Cool Rider shows me the pictures. This is the third (Fourth? Fifth? Sixth? I'm done counting!)ride where i've landed up watching pictures of the rides. The first ride i was there...we took red-feather jackets for little monks on an old monastery atop a steep ridge in Paro. The second ride they went to Haa. I hung around and went Baa. The third ride they went to Zhemgang to pick up a destitute family. There's a little girl the guys wanted to help educate. She wouldn't come without her battered mother (battered by an alcoholic father who's now in jail). The battered mother wouldn't come without her mother! So the guys loaded the whole family in a bus. They now live in Paro with more than a little help from El Presidente...the president of the biking club and other riders such as Pale, Cool, Old and Wind....

I feel left out! The latest ride was to Bumthang. They rode there to a temple where the caretaker is an half-paralyzed lama. They took sacks of rice ( a year's supply says Cool) for the monks in residence.

I looked at the pictures of my biking-buddies carrying those sacks of rice...
Don't judge a book by its cover is an old universal saying. I can certainly say with pride that my buddies are perfect embodiments of that phrase and i'm not even intoxicated!
Until the next rant...Cheers!
Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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