Friday, July 3, 2009


Kencho aka Bones just dropped me a line on Face Book. He asked "So what do you have for us today?"
Good Q Bones! I'm not really sure! I saw our Opposition Leader's Wall Post on Face book and it said, "Starting today, No live TV!" So it looks like the tyranny of the majority in the house. Well, way i see it; this is not a backlash at or against the media; its a black-out of the majority of this country's feelings and emotions considering the broadcast. Its gonna cost them dear. Bhutanese people have notoriously long memories, especially of the bad kind and they tend to Even Things Up When the Right Opportunity prevails.
But i'm tuned-out! If they don't want public participation, we're not giving them one. Well..not me. I'm done with the Establishment.

But that's not what i wanted to blog. I probably wanted to blog something about Guru Rinpoche's birthday yesterday. Now its a blur. I've lost the plot...just like the way this Establishment is losing the plot.
RIT! That was it!The media must take arms and get the RTI implemented. Right to Information is a fcvkin' must! Its gonna be fundamental or you're gonna have more MPs like that monkey from Trongsa making that bullock of a statement in Kuensel as to how his Fcvkin' Kindness and Tolerance for the media prevented him from throwing that reporter in jail!

These are the kind of statements they'll keep making long as they don't know jack-shit about how the media functions; why its called the Fourth Estate not for nothing and why this Act/Bill must be passed and must be implemented at all costs.
The Right to Information is the Key!

Either that or we'll all be doing a synchronised dance to the tunes of monkeys in a house full of slippery banana skins and peels.
We've seen North Korea's collective in-sync dances. There's nothing joyful about it.
Its one of the most depressing things you'll ever witness in the 21st century.
Lets go after that RTI.
Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


Anonymous said...

guess it's the highly intellectual media professionals against our immature politicians. just a matter of time...

Anonymous said...

Now i dunno whether you are being cynical or straight.
But then again you're anonymous!