Friday, July 10, 2009

The chessboard

As I look at the chessboard a strange thought crossess my mind.
Did I hear it somewhere or was it in my subconsciousness. Where do I or more importantly what role do we play in this amazing game!
As I see it. His Majesty the King would certianly be the queen, the most powerful, versitile piece. moving as it pleases, supporting others, attacking and defending. providing inspiration and leadership. All powerfull.
The bishops would be the Judicary and the NA/ NC. providing councel and making clearcut moves as to provide support. Penetrating deep and thoughtfully.
The Knights would certianly be the Executive and the Civil Service. Making unexpected and bold moves, controlling the progress of the nation. moving freely across the board attacking and defending, providing the support to make all things possible. helping create unexpected moves.
The castle would no doubt be our Armed forces, the ability to move great distances yet versitile enough to come quickly to out defence. striking terror without flinching.
The pawns would be the ordinary citizens, the Private Sector, moving slowly but surely ahead. no looking back, easily sacrificed for the better of all. But with the inert possibility of turning into key players( such as the knight, castle etc) if only they reach the other side.
The King my friends would be the future generations, it is for them we all sacrifice, our legacy to contunity and greatness. without whom we would be like the lost nations of history.
Just another fairytale.

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