Wednesday, July 15, 2009

“He was a bum then, he is a bum now”

You’d like to believe there is no lying in him. But he lies even when he tells the truth. Why, just the other day, he said the sole reason he was in the political business was because he cared too much about the common folk. Now that he’s got what he wanted (the license to pillage, approved for by the common folk as he sees it) he’s out there doing what he does best. Mull over issues that concern more of his own egoistic whims rather than the common good he professed and vowed to upkeep. There is certainly no lying in him, when he says that that mission was sanctioned for by the number of votes he had collected. In other words, the people had told him, “Do as you please.”

All you can say is, “he was a bum then, he is a bum now.”

Never underestimate the seemingly honest man’s greed for power. They come in all shapes and sizes; use all kinds of disguises and whatever façade is required for the moment. Seeing the world and everything in it as an opportunity to gain still more cheltrums and ngultrums, our honest man makes weighty pledges and can’t take an honest critique if you ever gave him one. But give him a platform and he’ll sing and dance the national anthem until death do him apart. That’s how dedicated and devoted our honest man in the house is.

All you can say is, “he was a bum then, he is a bum now.”

Don’t get high on your own supply. This is a lesson junkies never learn and nor do alcoholics. The same can be said of our honest man in the house. Believing the house is his sole domain and he is his own master, our man goes about laying house-rules he wants enforced and chucks out the ones he doesn’t like. He forgets who built him the house and thinks he put it all together. Dictatorial and delusional, our man becomes the centre of the universe and wants all the galaxies he can spot.

All you can say is, “he was a bum then, he is a bum now.”

“He speaks from the heart” is another mighty phrase the landlords who love him love to indulge in. I guess there is some camaraderie when you are all landlords. But dear landlords, please don’t put a price on our soul. The tenants that dwell in your compartments are also the very tenants that laid the foundation you think you built. But once a dwelling is complete and shelter can be sought, do you ever find one? No, you don’t and that’s because the landlords start hallucinating that it was their creation all along. You had nothing to do with it. You are but a bloody parasite niggling away at his glory at best and at worst, telling him you have a suggestion. Just pay the rent is his logo.

All you can say is, “he was a bum then, he is a bum now.”

Consolidating and expanding the gardens of their own megalomaniacal designs is what they all do next. Should the nosey media try and get in on the act; lord have mercy on the poor reporters! What in the world is it their business trying to unearth this secret intricate architecture we have in mind is the notion in their locomotion. And should the nosey reporter smell something fishy and go after it hook, line and sinker; lord have mercy on the righteous outburst that’s going to break the dams and flood the air-waves. Billions of blue blistering barnacles! Captain Haddock was wrong and Tony Montana’s mom was right all along!

Like she said to her son, “you were a bum then and you are a bum now!”

There was certainly no lying in her.

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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