Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Indigo Kid

I was at Om Bar last night with a friend (i'll tell you about her; yes she is a girl and she is American). We went out as i'd wanted her to see some of the Thimphu nightlife. When you're from the sunny beaches and mountainous state of California studying in windy Chicago you'd be interested in seeing how the Bhutanese party.

We ran into Bones. This was much later but i'll get back to the beginning. We ran into Bones and introductions done, we talked about sweet-nothings. Then we talked tattoos. Liat (that's her name) said she'd go for (considering she really did want a tattoo) an apparatus that measures or could measure neutrons (i'm lost here! but it was something like that). I had this mental picture of a microscope like the ones you see scientists using). She said it resembled a tear-drop! (Its actually the Millikan-Oil-Drop-Experiment; she corrects me later on with this Wikipedia: (In 1909, Robert Millikan and Harvey Fletcher performed the oil-drop experiment to measure the elementary electric charge (the charge of the electron). (The experiment entailed balancing the downward gravitationalforce with the upward buoyant and electric forces on tiny charged droplets of oil suspended between two metal electrodes.)

All i can say is "wow!" That, i tell her, is gonna be one helluva tattoo!

Bones wanted a Buddha. That was simpler. But Liat's mention of that particular tattoo speaks volumes for the kind of person she is. Her last name is Bird. In one introduction i'd said that the legendary Celtic Larry Bird was her uncle. She dismissed it right away; said they just shared common last names. I had my Tiger number five or six probably and she still wouldn't go for one beer.

She is 20 years old. The way she looks and the way she is, you'd be forgiven for treating her like a child at first and finding out how old her soul really is. I'd heard about "Old Souls." They are supposed to be like the "Indigo Children" who are supposed to be all "Old Souls." I did read about it. Its said that the "Indigo Children" know and sense things way before their time. That they know instinctively what's right and what's wrong. Liat reminds me of an "Indigo Child" and what they can become or represent: wisdom and pragmatism.

She drinks a lot of water. That's healthy to say the least. She's grounded. That's solid rooted-ness to say the least. She eats without fuss. That's convenience to say the least. She's comfortable where ever she is. That's assuring to say the least. She listens to bands and singers that've been dead long before she was born. That's cool to say the least. If you told her that there's probably a box full of jewels at the end of the rainbow she'd probably tell you to go get it.

If you told her you didn't believe in angels she'd probably ask you why the heck not? I'm convinced these "Indigo-Kids" are gonna treat the world proper and practical. Topping the list of endless surprises, she tells you she don't drink coffee. The beauty is this: she tells you all of these without the faintest hint of apology. There's such natural confidence about her that you really don't feel bad.

I say, "Your parents' done great; your brothers' done great" and she says, "They must have!"
She's interning with the Health Ministry here in Thimphu. One day she'll go to medical college. Someday she'll be a doctor sitting besides a patient bringing healing and acceptance; laughter and life, for wherever she is, she brings unbridled joy. Now that is priceless.

Ps: She does not smoke either.

PPs: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


Yeesi7 said...

This is interesting!
How did she find Thimphu's night out party?
Even I am unaware of it. I hope it is a good and fun experience unlike of the Western world.

Thanks for sharing the story. She seems a really nice and beautiful girl, if not a lady. :D

Jurmi Chhowing said...

she found the whole experience cool... and very differently interesting... thats how i recall it! now the party scene has gone over the roof! just one, two many! i guess the times they are a-changin'!

lastly, my pleasure ;D