Monday, July 13, 2009

Its a Turtle Dove thing

A woman i loved in college (feels like a lifetime back, doesn't it!?) made me spot Turtle Doves. If you look close enough, you'd know why they are called Turtle Doves. They've these Turtle-like scales on their wings. Its a pretty bird to say the least. They say Turtle Doves mate for life; like some other animals do. Dolphins come to mind. Wolves too. What else? There is Geese, the Hornbill and Lemurs and many many more. It turns out monogamy is a fairly accepted and more widely distributed phenomena in nature than i'd realised and i gotta thank a certain "Bird" for that.

I thought animals just did it as many times as possible with as many different partners as possible!
Thimphu this time of the year is home to a lot of Turtle Doves. Frankly i've no clue about their migratory instincts. I'm definitely certain they don't hang about in other seasons. The monsoons and the summers seem to bring these birds of legend from i don't know where! But seeing them perch on wires and trees and houses by the roadside and along where ever you happen to drive in Thimphu is lovely.

The Turtle Dove is apparently one of the strongest symbols for love. They mate and love each other for life. They are the subject of many a tale. Shakespeare wrote the Phoenix and the Turtle (referring to the bird). Cliff Richard had a line in "Bachelor Boy" that went "Then i'll get married, have a wife and child and they'll be my turtle doves."

Most recently some of the tracks in my car have been Mr Prince's. "When Doves Cry" is probably a rendition of the mournful songs these Turtle Doves sing. There is no denying that the Turtle Dove is the ultimate Love Emblem.

A woman i used to love in college used to tell me when we'd spot Turtle Doves what they represented for the day: One was sorrow. Two was joy.
(I'm not sure it went beyond that but when i do spot threes and fours or more; i like to think of it as a party, an orgy or a crowd depending on the mood i'm in). But the strange thing is you're more likey to see a lone Turtle Dove than you'd in threes and fours. You'd more likely see a pair of Turtle Doves than in threes and fours.

So when i drive around and i see them Turtle Doves alone or in pairs, i'm always going "Joy"..."Sorrow"..."Sorrow"..."Joy."
Its a Turtle Dove thing.

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


arcibaldo said...

reading this on turtle-doves and partnerships reminded me of an independent film i saw last night in cable titled "Once". subtle, reminiscent, and heartfelt.

and to myself, alas, i'm reminded of sorrow.

Anonymous said...

That was Well Put!

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