Friday, July 10, 2009

Kill Me For I'm Tired!

I'm tired. I'd like to say that thrice: tired, tired, tired! Tired of my government coming out with rules and regulations that really don't make no sense to me. Will the real DPT please stand up and do the things they so passionately and unrelentingly espoused during the campaigns?

Will the real Lyonchhen please stand up and do the things he promised so endearingly?
I'm not gonna name the promises but suffice it to say that they were laden with virtues and common sense.

I feel like a fool and perhaps i'm one, but hey, that's no way to say goodbye! Neither will i suffer silver tongued politicians ever again! But that's what they do and if i'm a fool, so are the majority of my countrymen who thought like me and voted like me.

Now i'm tired! I am beginning to see them in a new light: the "Old Guard."
They have got to go. If not graciously then through the ballot. Aren't you all tired too? Tired of seeing the same old faces pulling the same old games? Old wine in newer bottles is what we got and we deserve what we are getting! Americans elected GWB and reelected him!
Look at what they got! Barack Obama might be a saving grace but at what price? Wars in the Middle-East? Recession back home?

We're too small a country to afford such luxurious sidetracks! I'm tired folks! Tired of the web they keep spinning; tired of the bullshit they keep churning.
They wanted swords; they got 'em.
They wanted scarves; they got them.
They wanted cars; they got 'em.
They wanted customised number plates; they got 'em.
They wanted the CDG; they got 'em.
They wanted a raise in pay; they got 'em.
They wanted power; they got 'em.
They wanted a TV black-out; they got 'em.

Now they politicise the bureaucracy; that's scary!
Now they attack Druk Holding Investments; that's scary!
Now they wanna control the terms of the Secretaries; that's scary!
Now they brush aside the Constitution; that's scary!
Now they are trying to dismantle what our Kings built; that's anathema! that's frightening!

Now they are increasingly showing the wolf-fangs hidden beneath the sheep's smile; that's scary!
Now i'm tired; lemme say that thrice; tired, tired, tired.
Should they throw me in jail; Give 'em all a hail.
Should they put out an assassin on me; Come and rest at my grave and know that i'm not tired, not anymore!

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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Anonymous said...

I am not Tired but I am definitely scared, and frightened.
My children and grandchildren would be the victims facing the brunt of any irrational decisions taken now..but then everything is fair in democracy and capitalism...