Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Borns

Yesterday was a good day. I managed to vent out my two bits about our parliamentarians and their denigration of the press via these blogs and facebook. I wrote a milder version for Kuensel. The day got nicely wrapped up after we (that's my mate Jimmy the Jewel) made a visit to an old friend who's become a proud father of two. (His latest is a healthy son who weighed more and is taller than the average Bhutanese baby). He crunched some numbers here and there (infamous for crunching numbers as Jimmy will swear) and we all pondered a second on how the baby managed the height! Then it came to light that his father's father is tall.
The mystery of the tall genetics solved, we warmed up to the traditional "Chang-Key" (a Bhutanese rice based wine served to guests that come to see a newborn and a key diet for recovering mothers).

This was excellent Chang-key. We were getting a buzz!

I looked at the newborn. Palden (the father) tells me he's two weeks old. I'm always amazed at newborns. I saw another last week. I was up at Dechen-Phu accompanying a friend (i'm actually at a loss for words here! She used to be my girlfriend. Now really, our relationship is in a state of perfect bardo-limbo!)
I see an old friend. She's just had a baby too. I know the husband too. He's the actual Dingo-man. He was wearing 'em boots long before i could afford one).

Excuse me for drifting a bit off-topic there. Okay...the newborns! They always get me! I mean, where do they come from? I know its from in-between the legs of the mother but really, where do they really come from?

Two weeks and two day back, Palden's son wasn't around. Some three months back, Lekshey's son wasn't around.
And now they stare back at you! Now you've gotta maintain a certain decorum when you look them in the eye. It's not like you're in a toy store and you can just pick up stuff, spin, rotate or revolutionize them. These are little people who cry, fart, burp, pee and shit when they don't like the way they get treated. More so now when they know these actions are way beyond their control (or is there a conspiracy we're not aware of?!)

Newborns! They always get my goat.

So that's how i finished off the day yesterday. I get up this morning and look forward to Kuensel. I pick up a copy at the neighbourly-shop and look at the Editorial Page. Fvck! They've changed my header from "My Parliamentarians are Scaring me" to "Fearful for the Future." This is like taking away the title-tracks of a Quentin Tarantino movie. You don't mess with a man's underwear and razor; you dont mess with a man's opening track to a film and you sure as hell don't mess with a man's title.

I'm pissed at the new header. It gives out an entirely different feel and emotion to the piece.

Well, you can't always win them all!
Have a good day folks. Cheers!
Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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