Friday, July 10, 2009

The Process

There's a cool breeze comin' in from my office windows. It blows away the newspapers on my table, turning the pages around. The banner i've of a dark blue Ganesh moves in gentle waves. The mural i've of the Green Tara sways back and forth.

My friends are having a conversation. They are animated; there's laughter, disbelief, astonishment, surprise and chuckles aloud. This is how we communicate. My colleague, friend, partner, mentor is restless. He looks sharp in a white-ironed shirt and a pair of black cotton trousers. My mate looks good in a black vest and jeans. He's got a plastic hairband holding his hair back. He's trying to grow some long stresses.

The girls in my office are grouped together in a cozy cubicle. They smile every time i walk about the office premises. They whisper stuff and smile and laugh. I don't intrude. Its just lovely seeing them relaxed.
I take a peep in the audio-visual room. The guys here are always chilled-out. They seem to have found the perfect setting for their creativity. They look mischievous. They are definitely into something; a la "The Twelve Monkeys." Perhaps one day i'll see movies they've made in secrecy screened all over town: on building walls and concrete canvases. Something like the thought i've whenever i ride around the kingdom. The rock-face-cliffs en route to Paro would make beautiful canvas for portraits of our kings, saints and heroes.

In the design section there are two of them. They are gifted. One of them did a portrait of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche using sewing needles and pins. Rinpoche was apparently so impressed that the portrait now occupies the place of pride in his residence.

I saw him do some sketches too: a Buddha, an old woman, a takin and a horse amongst others. They are works of art. His craft is naked and true- there's no lying in his work.

I've gotten back to Bob Dylan these last few weeks. His songs takes me places. Resonances of melancholic memories that touch upon joy, sorrow, regret, pain, pleasure, hope and fear envelope my mental aura. He is singing Tell Me. He is singing Thoughts on Woody Guthrie. He's singing away the life i've had; singing away the life we've had.

Its incredible how we all share such common ground. Its a live audience. He's now singing the Minnesota Tapes. These are numbers that didn't really cut into the albums he made. They are great anyways. Now he's Talkin' John Birch Blues. Dylan can sing and fit a lifetime in a line and a tune. He's rehearsing. He' just broken down into some rapturous laughter! There's someone else laughing with him. Probably his producer. They laugh and Dylan starts all over again.

The process is everything. The rest is just so much bonus but the process; now that's where the magic is!
Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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