Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Posted by Chelsea Starr

I'd know your thighs
across seas
and decades from here

since you wrapped them around me
peppered me with baby kisses
and the hot heat of summer had it's way with us

I know the weight of your feathery limbs
like my own skin
loose with years
and freckled with anticipation

so don't worry

time is like a child
crying in the corner
because he didn't get his way

while we make love up against the back door
our pasts pounding from the other side
begging to be let in..

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


wearenotwriters said...

Hey Chelsea!

Your writing is as beautiful as you are. Cant decide which one's better :)

JurmiChhowing "IamDrukpa" said...

Guys...Now Behave Yourselves!

JurmiChhowing "IamDrukpa" said...

But you're right...she's beautiful both ways...ain't she?:D

Jurmi Chhowing said...

Neither Either;
Either Neither-
Just Like Picking A Stray Feather-
That Once Flew And Had a Plume,
Was Bedecked With Other Quills of Feathers In Bloom,
And Along Came a Writer;
Inking Words; Causing Wars-
And Starting a Nobel Club!!!