Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Way of the Universe

I'm beginning to believe in this Global Warming phenomenon. If it means things are gonna get hotter and steamier on both the physical and metaphysical plane then we're in for a scorcher! Seriously, look around you. I really didn't experience a weirder winter in Thimphu than the one we had last. Spring was kind of in disguise and now the summer heat!

Wasn't the winter we had a very protracted one? I missed the snow capped peaks; the peaks are still there but they weren't snow-capped like they usually are even if it meant a snow-free winter. Spring used to mushroom all over with soft-ferocious colors. It was a mute spring. Now the summer heat! Was Thimphu ever this hot? I'm not sure.

What causes GW? I saw Al Gore's take on GW in "An Inconvenient Truth." It talks about GW being a product or process of human intervention in the natural order of things. That's gotta be a no-brainer! This is why we are here! Aren't we? To fuck up whatever's running fine; to ruin anything that's orderly. No surprises for guessing whose hand is in the cookie jar. It's ours'.

But i cannot help thinking we're making ourselves far too important. There's a sense of self-importance stuck inside this cauldron called GW according to AG. Mother Nature, i'm telling you, has and will always take care of herself as she's done for billions of years. Who are we to change weather patterns when one tsunami shows us how powerless we are. We do shub our fingers in creeks and crevices where we probably shouldn't but that wouldn't be us if we didn't do it!

The Earth has been around for ages. She nurses and nurtures herself as she's always done. No matter what we throw at her, she'll just soak it all up. Look at her oceans and lakes and rivers and streams. Look at her mountains and hills and valleys and plains. Look at her deserts and forests and jungles and prairies. Look at her incredible beauty! Look at her incredible variety!

She'll regenerate from the ashes of the fires we light. She'll regenerate from the stumps of the woods we hack and rack. She'll arise from the slaughter we commit in her forests and jungles.

The more we speed up the process of her anger, the sooner we'll all disappear from the face of the earth. Dinosaurs lived millions of years longer than we've done on this blessed planet. They didn't interfere with her. We've been around a lot shorter than those Dinos and we're already getting there; the slow extinction of all beings except us. And when we're completely alone and hungry, we'll start eating each other. Cannibalism will thrive until the last man standing has no one else left to devour but himself.
Than he'll die: all alone.

The absent sun will suddenly arise the next day on an earth full of nothing. A raindrop will fall after centuries of extreme dryness. That single raindrop will mix with that ray of sunshine. Together they'll give birth to one single blade of grass. That single blade of grass will grow forth and multiply. Organisms will rise. The earth will look greener once more. Life forms strange and familiar will bloom.

It'd have been the umpteenth time that Mother Nature would have done this: For this is the "Way of the Universe."
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arcibaldo said...

i must be too assuming to think that the first paragraphs will eventually link to how the government in your country is similarly affected by the global warming... but it's clearly an enlightening piece on GW. (or maybe i just missed seeing that there may also be something for the officials to look into as regards policies on climate change on mitigation and especially adaptation).

yet truly, i have to agree. it's the world (gaea as some will refer to earth) healing itself from our trash.

JurmiChhowing "IamDrukpa" said...

Thanks For the Comments:
Bhutan, All Said and Done, Does a Lot of Environmental Friendly Stuff: But I Still Can't Help Feeling We Go Way OverBoard Though We Can Help Heal the World...guess its like what Gandhi said;" BE THE CHANGE YOU WANNA SEE IN THE WORLD"............Cheers Mate!