Thursday, July 9, 2009

Woman..I Can Hardly Explain...

Women! What is that? Who are they? What are they?!?
John wrote songs about them. He sings beautifully "Woman..i can hardly inner feelings...sorrow and pain..."
What was John trying to say? That he was as mystified and beholden by the fairer species as i am feeling right now? He goes on to sing "Mother." You hear a John who wants his mother's love so bad he can't believe he didn't get it and he can't believe she didn't give him one!
That reminds me of another feminine track John did. "O Yoko" is probably one of the most celebrated love-song ever written for a woman. Here you have John expressing in one pure melody the love he feels for her.

Boy! He sure was one good moder-fcvkin' romantic! And i say that in a good 'ol fashioned rock & roll kinda way!

If i'd written a love song it would have opened something like this:
"But why do you make me so bloody angry? What've i done to deserve all these shit you keep throwing at me? Why?Why?Why?
"These are painful questions you shoot my way. Before i can come back you hang me and leave me dangling like a puppet."

With this as the chorus:
"And all i've done is like you and love you."

And the next verse should go:
"You say you loved me. I say I've loved all of you. Where is it written that you must choose and love one woman and one woman only? Divorces happen so that we can all go on and love somebody else. Break-ups happen because we wanna love somebody else."

I'd have written that because lately i been pondering the nature of multiple-love. That is: Is it not possible to love one woman's stubbornness, another's anger, yet another's confidence and yet another's softness? I've gotten a kick in the face lately. Its Mr Cupid. He don't shot arrows no more! He just kicks you in the face.

That has led me to draw certain conclusions:
I do not believe anymore in marriages; if they are made in heaven, what on earth are they doing here!!
I do not believe anymore in monogamy. The oldest profession in the world should have opened our eyes to the fact that by nature, males will go forth to multiply his genetic balls.
I do not believe anymore in "one love and one heart" with all due apologies to Bob Marley. You can love the same way you can love so many varied things in life: cars, nature, animals, blonds, brunettes, Asians, blacks and some more.

But i do believe women...they make the world go round and round.
I recollect my grandmother and she was grand.
I see my mother and really- who amongst us don't love and admire our mamas? John's cry for his mama is the love he feels for her.
i look at my sisters and they make me a better brother.
i look at my nieces and i see that they will grow up one day and i hope its a nice decent world they grow up in.
i look at the women i've loved and they've all had something in their own inimitable way. You cannot despise them. You cannot judge them. You cannot, certainly, hate them.
You love them for who they are; and perhaps wish the best for them wherever they are.

In the end, women- they make the world go round and round and i love them for it and more, much much more. Hallelujah!
Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


Anonymous said...

..I guess it may be good to look at where all your anger comes from in the first place..?

fan said...

I love this piece.....I believe writers are born, not trained....

Anonymous said...

i can write same thing about men, not to pick a debate here though. But believe me I do feel the same about men like you feel about maybe we are looking at reality wrongly then?
Yes I agree about the capacity to be in love with many at one time, I realized it's much more beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have your comments here! Thanks a bunch.
Guess We could say All We Need Is Love!

Anonymous said...

I remember when we were in school (1970's???), we were taught a song that went.....

Ugyen Ugyen I've been thinking
What a grand world this would be
If the men were all transported
Far beyond the northern sea

Those days, we girls just sang it and had fun. Now, I'm kinda wondering why there was such a song in the first place.

Were women fed up of men's behaviour?
Or, were women too vulnerable around men?
Or, perhaps, sick of falling in love too many times.......

But, if you ask me, I think we women need (as well as want) men and rather not share them with any other woman. Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Agree Sheyoen...I never was aware of that song though!
Its good you say what you did...We're two sides of the same coin huh!
And i Hope you have your man all to yourself!