Monday, August 10, 2009

Mobile Cells

I've been away for a while. I think we all need to move; get away from the Fish-Market, the Bazaar, the local Pub or Cafe, Restaurant and the lot and be somewhere...anywhere...go completely mobile and stay out of reach- Like the messages you get when you call a mate whose brains are so pharmaceutical-ed that when you do call them its with a lot of trepidation!
Because the mates you have are eccentrics- they'll remind you of Hunter S Thompson, of Dr Gonzo, of Trainspotting, the Basketball never know what you gonna get: Like Gump's mama telling Gump "Life's Like a Box of Choclates; You Never Know What You Gonna Get."

Anyhow you dial his number and ready yourself for a conversation bordering on incoherent-lunacy at worst and plain-dumb-chatter at best. Either way it don't make no difference...its mumbles...its murmurs...its gibberish.

You hear the ring tone (and how they do express themselves! I've heard the Guru's Mantra, Bhutanese Pop-Tunes, Gabbar's Dialog, Wailing Kids and the Terrorist on-board Air Egypt 119). The ring tone dies after a dozen repetitions and boy do you get the proper responder!

"The Person You Are Trying To Call Is Switched-Off!" Beautiful...This really nails it for me! I'm all oxymoron after these episodes.

Then there are other gems buried beneath trash- I wanna reach out to my fellow-mates with twisted fates and the automated-female-vocal chords these stake-outs. There's that responder stating dryly, "The Person You Are Trying To Call Is Unreachable!"


My personal-dig is the "Switched-Off" bit, though I get a kicker when my "J.O.B-Less" (Just-On-Board) buddies have the heavy-burdening responder that informs you with- "The Person You Are Trying To Call Is Busy."

It may as well have been "The Person You Are Trying To Call Is a Schmuck! F**k Him And Get On With Your Own F*****g Life!"

Now wouldn't it'd be cool- just chilled to actually have smart-cells tracing a person's life-print and giving them the compassionate-ax, like "Go Get a F*****G Life!"

Which I'm positive is the "F*****g Future." Now I'm getting sidetracked...what was it? goes...I wanted to write something on the importance of being anywhere somewhere rather than being wherever you are and more urgently the need to do that incognito...just going mobile and getting the heck out of your palace, the shack, the house, the apartment, the duplex, the mansion, the bungalow, the office, the shop and the hell out of the city, the town and the bloody village too.

And pack a bag with the minimums: the mantra is "Less Is More"...just naked necessities and impromptu take-offs...whether it be on a plane, the train, the bus, the cab or your own two or four-wheeler...get out of the stuck-gravy-train and leave...bugger off...take a away...hell, walk away...anything to beat just hanging about trying to spot grasses grow!

Next make sure nobody knows...give them the ("I'm gonna be gone for awhile so...") general indicator without divulging the details...Now leave the hubby behind; leave the spouse behind...well, the kids too...along with the parents, uncles, aunts, relatives, neighbors, friends and girlfriends or boyfriends and people you like and dislike and give people that like and dislike you some space in-between.

The old note that proclaims "Familiarity Breeds Contempt" runs rather deep than we'd like to admit. Still waters man...either they must have an entry and exit point or the Wells's a breeding ground for disease...both physical and the Dylan line.."Everyone's sufferin'....from the disease of conceit.."

I get out whenever i get that "Hmm...'Ti's time to make a move itch." Destinations don't really matter that much though one can have or make multiple choices and make or take alternatives that also come in varying multitudes dictated and dependent upon your greenery, of course!

Its surprising how rejuvenating your body can feel; together with your mind and the whole existential-package. Everything old is new again and you are able to focus and get things done far more efficiently, creatively and joyfully.
Basically staying stuck in any one situation or circumstance or environment or the surrounding can mess you up...dehydrating your "Inner-Mojo"...leaving you stagnant in time... pregnant with delusions...

Being on the move and going mobile re-hydrates your "Inner-Mojo!" The 'Well' refreshes...the water's how the best view is always from without...seldom from tickets...its all outdoors...

Now see how naturally water finds its level...see how naturally you 'find' yourself; whether you are "Switched Off," "Unreachable" or "Busy" are aware of the view...the cells in your brains also must go mobile now and then...Be Unreachable, Switched-Off and Busy. Keeping in touch with yourself has never been so much fun.


PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


Anonymous said...

The best trick folks have pulled, I beleive, is taking out the battery without switching their cells off to give the 'Unreachable' note.

Then ofcourse there was this man who would never recharge his balance and only take calls without making any. When a friend dials his number, a flustered machine yelps, "The friend you 're dialing for is crazy, please tell him to re-charge!"

ANd of course my favourite, 'The subscriber you are dialling is busy having S**, Please try again later!'

Anonymous said...

Yup Anon...! Its All Humor in the here goes....
"You Have Run Out Of Credit. Due To That Insufficiency, You Are Circuited. The End!"