Thursday, August 20, 2009

Priceless Peeps & Giving Glances

I Love Ant-Spotting,
Been Surprisingly Lucky;
And Broke Without a Doubt...!

Life's Trials and Tribulations Have Left Indelible Fractures, Dents and Fragments; There’s Still More in Store.
The Trail Springs and Blossoms...
I Stop. Remembering to Soak and Sigh in… The Transformational Sights and Sounds...Till its Fallen in Fall Again.

And as Naturally...Dead-Dull Shallowness Canopies Me Underneath Silhouette-Shadows and Hiding-Mirrors; Burrowing in Open Deserts Blanketed with Reclusion…Keeping Company with Isolation; Extracting Stories from Desolation.

And Just like that Random Moments Waterfall and Drizzle Revelations...
Painting Rainbows and Dissolving Clouds.

These You Treasure and Remember- Forgetting the Parlance of Words 'Good' and 'Bad'...
Offering Priceless Peeps and Giving Glimpses:

Into Hush-Whispering-Brooks and Silent-Speaking-Streams…With Water-Polished Pebbles, Expressive- Stones and Bank-Boulders that Tell Telling Talismans...

The Breeze Hustles and Whistles; the Trees Gesture and Talk; the Wind Howls ‘HOLY’ and Screams Secrets; Prayer Flags Sway and Wave…
The Rivers Resonate; the Mountains Bare All and Sit Still...Bouncing Loud Echoes…
Messaging One Naked Universal Signboard…

Saying “Living Life Itself Is The Meaning of Life”

Was It Somewhere Atop Th e ChelelaPass?..Anyhow On a Beautiful Day Two Strangers Became FamiliarIntimates-And Its a BitterSweet Story to be Storied on..!The Vista a Glorious Display of Change...Impermanance...And The GiddyUnpredictibilityOfLife!

Life Has aSense of Humor- TheMoneyJokeIs-Irony! Photo(c)ManjuW

"The Prayer Flags Flutter,
A Monsoon Back it Swayed Us;
Now the Mind Waves it...Now Memories Flow..."

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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