Wednesday, August 12, 2009

“When Tails Come Out Of Your Heads”

Sometimes a spade isn’t quite a spade and a rainbow could well be a cucumber. You must wonder where this is headed and that too is a gray area. Optical illusion is a scientific fact and so are delusions. Politeness dictates so we give in and go, “it’s alright.” Mirages are common occurrences in the deserts as the lost go about seeing what they need to see for sheer survival.

We see what we want to see; having said that, we’re not lost in the deserts or suffering altitude-sickness. Thimphu is a reasonable valley weather-wise but the newspapers are getting foggy, particularly the one that declares- “That the People Shall Be Informed.” Funny, used to be the “Nation.” Well, it’s the same thing, really.

Now here comes the holler-bomber- “Fraud, Corruption Confirmed.” Fine, I’m excited! Who got nailed? I read on (This was edition number three on that case so I’ve been following up). I read on and I’m seeing things- delusions, mirages. I re-read thinking I’m seeing things.

It’s the same thing. One person who’s come here concerning the case on orders from above spends three important months re-telling, re-calling, -re-presenting her position vis-à-vis the case as clearly as is possible.
Three precious-months away from her studies and without getting sentimental, let’s just say the progress of the case is a sprinting snail. Meanwhile my brethren in the daily Kuensel are seeing things.

I always encourage writers to write well, reporters to report well (in no small measure to the condescending attitude thrown at me when I was a cub-reporter myself). Nothing feels nicer to any worker than having a boss who listens and counsels, without the attitude.

But this cut and paste cover-story is anything but “investigative-journalism.” The loud banner headline yells “sensationalism.”
The reporter in question, Tenzing Lamsang is a driven reporter. He’s got laurels where he’s deserved it. Now I must throw a shoe. He gets the shoe because he’s either been naïve or just plain indifferent to the people whose lives he’s been scripting without much ado.

Today I wake up to the sound of slight drizzles. The weather’s pretty clear considering the deep-monsoons. That is real, I’m not seeing thing. I pick a copy of Kuensel, August 12, Wednesday. The bold two-line banner screams “2 Sides of the Missing 1.4m.” A virtual-replicated strap from the earlier issue of August 8 is duplicated.

The scoop here is the two-people who have been anointed “Prime-Time-Suspects” by the paper. I say the paper because there is an “Editorial” check-post.

There is the Project Manager’s version versus the Project Accountant’s version. Tantalizing! Two for the price of one! Christmas has come early this year. Alright, what’s new? There! Did you see the additional originality to the triplicate-d strap? It says the above two “have accused each other of siphoning the money.”
Lamsang is either clairvoyant or a submerged-non-buoyant being seeing things under the river next to the paper’s office.

There are two versions of the story; I wonder where the real versions are…and the third, the fourth…possibly a fifth? But that calls for objective-factual-investigative reporting. I see none of that here. I see a story done to fill in the spaces in the pages of what is a daily newspaper’s daunting task. Either deadlines are dictating the angles of the stories or our man’s seeing things the way he wants to.
Frankly, I don’t know what to believe! But reading in-between the lines is where most of the details are and having now read episode number four, I’m suspicious. Let me correct myself, I’m not suspicious, I’m convinced the stories being reported in this particular case are stories Lamsang himself has no clue about. Now don’t ask me, neither do I. And if you don’t know a punch-packing-joke funny enough and try cracking that at a bar in all probability you’d be the joke’s butt with a few punch lines thrown in.

It’s like that sailor‘s favorite: “Why are story-tellers such weird people? The answer goes “Because their tails come out of their heads.”

Well Lamsang, I’m sorry but in this case, your tails are coming out of your heads
(I’m seeing that).

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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