Friday, October 2, 2009


What's on your mind? Exited Concrete,
Entered Green Scenarios;
Swinging Pendulum...Do You See That Look?

It Was Borne Out Of Milkshake;
The Kind That You Can Suck.
Exited Concrete, Entered Green Scenarios, Swinging Pendulum!

Time To Heat The Road,
Feel The Bhutanese-Walli Blues;
And Enjoy That Beat! Short-Circuited Fuse!

Sadness Canopies,
The Total Vista Inside;
This Life Transient... Beautifully Sour...Melodious Entrapment...
Really I 'Know' Nothing...

i Like Earthquakes; Now That is Insensitive!
When You Read The News & Know Lives Were Lost And Damages Caused.
I Feel "Helplessness," - It Tells Me "What Can You Do?"

For Starters Let's "Feel" & "Pray;
This "Blessed Rainy Day" Take Those Souls Away: To Better "Bardos" & Benign "Karmas."
How i Like Earthquakes: Now When Is The Flood?

Addicted Smokers...Killer Cigarettes,
Legalized Alcoholics...Socially Sponsored Vices...
And The Drug Addicts...And Those Bureaucrats...And The Insatiable Greed...
And Your Ubiquitous "Desire!"

Now Pick Your Fcvkin' Choice!
A Guitar In Your Hands,
On Your Lips The Songs Of Bob;
Sunny Sunday Blues!

Be Universal,
If You Take In Galaxies;
Insignificance! And Therein Thrives Life!
And The State Called Shangrila;
Are Just Around Us...

Photographs (C) Karin Dechen Lhamo Altmann
Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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