Monday, October 19, 2009

Old Poems

As the days roll by, my minds’ a hollow blankness staring at clearly blurred pictures and raging thoughts of fearsome falls seeming to land on nothing at all.

Everyday ushers in a refreshed brand new day that was the same as yesterday and no different from all the tomorrows to come dissolving back in the millions of yesterdays.

How do I go figure?
Roaring savannah coated lions shatter the quiet grasslands, primates shriek from hanging branches on high tropical trees, nosey hyenas laughing their way to the carcass and the kill, vultures at the ready to snatch someone’s’ hard earned meal.
The wilder beast keep stampeding in numbers you couldn't count and elephants laze about in the cool waters of sun drained Africa, and a Thompson’s gazelle keeps wiggling its tail without a pause.
Is it chasing a fly or a fear?

Hippos wallowing in the mud with jaws the size of a hut with cheetahs chasing their prey with a speed that spells the wind.

As I watch this scenario unfold dramatically on Discovery, my eyes are wide shut, my mind's a feast for thoughts, my ears just barely attentive to the sounds of the world enveloping me in layers of routine boredom, as I’m welcomed to the mechanized kingdom.

Fragile shells of an egg gone cracked, charging gongs of a high raised bell, gardens of flowers, lakes that wash away sins, and in the midst of all that, a beautiful butterfly entangled in a spider's web.

Is the fate of my karma written in a nutshell? My questions are answered by an eerie silence, my thundering thoughts have no sound, mindful minds of an unmindful soul, lost in a sea of seas, a forest of trees, a bird singing a haunting melody in the middle of a barren desert, why do I need someone to confirm my presence here?

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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