Thursday, November 12, 2009



“I'm a bit of a stalker. I love south. And boys. And boots. And boners. And beer. And babes. Balloons. Barbeque sauce. Big balls. Bonfires. Babes. Boobs. Butts. Bonnie Raid. Blowjobs.”


“Fcvk- A Dirty Word,
That Comes Out So Bloody Clean;
Ask Jack Kerouac...”
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Phantom Rating (PR)

“On the road
Goes this dharma bum
Writing his own fluid rules
To damn all rigid rules
All the world's bums walk beside you...”

Delete…HaHaHa. (Pause) HoHoHo (ShutTHeFuckUp)

“It’s The Haiku Night,
She Asks Where the Mid-Night-Bright is.
I Says In The Loco...”

“Homer's Spider Pig,
Does Not Swing and Wears a Wig;
It’s Still Homer's Pig.”
“She Calls Me Silly,
Says I Shouldn't Use "Fcvkin'' Words;
Sorry Honesty.”

“When Times Are Like These,
Forget All Your Known-Knowledge;
Listen To The Gut.”

“These Are Blood-Haikus,
Borne Of Furious Anger and Vengeance;
Don't Wrong The Right Man.”

“I Live In My Head,
Your Castles Give Me the Headaches;
Hence the Painkillers...”

“Happiness Is Bought,
Sadness Is Bargained About;
Alright. Set The Scales...”

“You Want Permanence?
Go Out and Fcvkin' Grab It;
It’s Already Gone?
Too Bad You Didn't Cash It Fast.”

“Coking Five You All,
I'm A MotherFvcker;
Who The Creep Are You?”

“BAD TATTOOS....are like bad blowjobs - still good!
Become a Fan, Get More Ads”

“What's on your mind?
Fuck- A Dirty Word,
That Comes Out So Bloody Clean;
Ask Jack Kerouac...”

Phantom Rates (PR)

“It’s The Haiku Night,
She Asks Where's The Mid-Night-Light?
I Says In The Loon...”

“Homer's Spider Pig,
Does Not Swing and Wears a Wig;
She Is Spider-Pig.”

“She Calls Me Willy,
Says I Shouldn't Use "Fcvkin'' Words;

“When Times Are Like These,
Forget All Your Grown-Grease;
Cut Out The Gut Please.”

“These Are Blood-Haikus,
Borne Of Frustration and Peace;
Don't Right The Wronged Man.”

“I Fly With the Cloud,
Dissolving Into Monsoon Rain;
Become Solid Tales...

“Happiness Is Sought,
And Sadness Is Ejected;
Your Premature Shoots…”

“You Want Permanence?
Come to Me and I’ll Show You;
It Is Drumming Me…”
Sold!!! Too Bad You Didn't Cash It Fast.”

This- His Tiger! This Is His Dragon! This Little Guy, He Does Imaginations; Strokes Them With Colors...

“The Tathagata,
And The Eight-Fold Noble Path;
What-else do You Need?”

“These Bothersome Bros,
They Hide and They Meander;
Blow Your Dark Whistles- Take Your Cheap-Pot-Shots...”

“Keep Hiding Your-Selves;
And Building Your Allusions,
No Matter How Grand...They Are But Grains in the Sand,
That Time Will Let Slip,
And When The Slippers Come Off...
Beware Of The Charge.”

“Patience Is For Saints,
What Intolerance Is To Me.
I'm A Sinner- Do Not Fvckin' Pull”.

“The last samurai...he was an alcoholic, traumatized by his past transgressions,
But he overcame his alcoholism and sharpens his mind through practice of Bushido, the way of the samurai...”

"I Said I Was A Sinner- Not A Samurai.
But I Am A Pure Sinner. The Righteous I'll Kill Wherever I Encounter Them."
I Said That...Not the Samurai.

“You save a Pony,
Letting It Gallop the Wind;
They Call It An Ass.”

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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