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The low-down on the showdown: it’s metaphorical

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If we are endowed with anything, it’s scepticism. And that scepticism comes about because we are an opinionated lot. We are opinionated because we are naturally cautious. This very sense of wariness has self-preserved, moulded and herded us to where we are today, as a people and as a nation. A herd mentality sometimes keeps the lions at bay. Or alternately, you could land up on a dinner plate with a lone-mentality. Meals aside, here is an opinion. There is a lull in the air. The stillness is accompanied by a resigned sense of numbness and an acute feeling of euphoria and despair. Like when your feet go to sleep and you wake them up and feel the needles and pins. We are learning to walk again.

The pause in the breath is probably the calm after what has been a political storm these past few weeks. The numbness comes about at the unprecedented chain of events. The euphoria comes from what has been a successful though exhausting election and the despair comes from how suspicious questions have been raised.

The political cauldron of medicinal herbs also contains poisonous roots that just won’t mix and cook. Rather the froth from the broth is spilling over the floors of our living rooms and causing slippery footholds and leaks, in relationships both familial and altruistic. This is injurious to our individual and collective health, as a society and as Bhutanese nationals. With irony laughing the loudest and reality going deaf, dumb and blind, the three proverbial monkeys are seeing evil, hearing evil and speaking evil. The four harmonious brothers have lost the track, and the fruits are rotting and dropping.

The mirrored moon in our country’s political consciousness is not the real moon. Even the real moon waxes and wanes. Do we order the moon and make it pick and stick, to a certain shape and size?

The verdict has been passed, for good or bad, the sentence must be carried out. The mandate has been broadcast. We can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst, if it comes to that. But who among us is courageous enough to admit the reality reflected upon us? Deflection of one’s own reflection is like trying to avoid our own shadows, at best chasing rainbows where there are none and at worst a delusional denial that harms everyone.

With those running away from their shadows or attempting to web illusionary silhouettes of nothingness suffering the most in the process. Shadow-boxing might be a good exercise for boxers that duel in rings, positively not for a nation that aspires to become a model of happiness and contentment, in hypothesis and in execution. There is nothing we can gain, except the hurt and the pain.

Real punches knock out teeth, puncture lungs, bludgeon the skull and most often than not, these physical expressions of the limbs take root in the head, where cacophonic symphonies of thoughtless cries direct wanton threats. Like poison ivies, the branches can spread far and wide, infecting healthy plants, with vines and creepers’ hanging about tying, knotting, blocking and entrapping whatsoever comes into its vicinity.

Let’s not get lost in the jungles of our minds. We have enough floras in our nation to water and keep everyone blossoming. Let’s keep the wilder instincts at bay; we have enough fauna to adore and look after in our national parks. Raw and open wounds do hurt, but nothing heals like an open wound. The right hand takes care of the left when it’s cut, bruised or burnt, spontaneously and naturally, and vice-versa. In this blessed land of the Buddha’s teachings and the Guru’s teachings, what else do we require to put a perspective on reality, alternative or otherwise?

Seen from a plane ascending thousands of miles above the clouds, we see that everything dissolves. There are only passing mists and cauliflower cotton balls that blanket, comfort and cushion the view. Descending, the earth itself becomes a celestial ball that floats in space without boundaries and definitions, without a centre or an edge. As we get closer to gravity, everything takes shape and fits in with everything else.

That is when the plane lands, the captain sings, and the immigration authorities take control. Once you have cleared security, you are home, or not!

If you are already home, don’t turn it into a coliseum. Even the strongest gladiators fought for freedom, not for glory or gore.

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