Monday, November 22, 2010

Letting go of Humpty Dumpty

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The sixth session of parliament opened yesterday with His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo gracing the opening. Thousands in the capital and tens of thousands in the kingdom watched what was a somber atmosphere – in no small measure to the verdict passed by the Thimphu High Court.

There was a perceptible chill in the air, and the faces reflected as much. The conversation has been all about the verdict and opinions vary, inevitably. The decibels are now rising, with some quarters predicting an all out doom and gloom development. The ruling government has been stating its defense, at what it called “questionable clauses in the verdict.” The fine line, for the moment, has become a blunt blur. Members of the 
NC were categorically termed as politicians.

These are strong statements, to say the least, but the question that hangs thick in the air is “is it really that bad?” The opposition challenged a government ruling that they deemed “un-constitutional” and following the letter of the law, sought the judgment of the High Court. The High Court, we’d like to believe, took the task to bear, keeping in mind the gravity of the ruling and the consequences, and implications, thereof. The verdict has been passed. There are resounding echoes that salute the protection of the constitution and a victory for democracy and the rule of law.

The government, obviously, isn’t that happy. The argument put forth is that the ruling cripples their efforts to bring about sustainable development and economic progress to the country – that the judgment renders the government useless. It’s a tad extreme but it demonstrates the positive burden they feel they were carrying on their more than capable shoulders in ushering the country forward.
The opposition is happier with the fact that the constitution has been upheld and democracy protected rather than the gold medal everyone thinks they won. We’d like to believe the intention is altruistic on all fronts – that no individual or group is sitting smug in some corner, savoring selfish satisfaction. If that is not the case, then we should not fear the present nor get all frenzy about the future but try to do our bit and work things out without causing wanton harm.

This is indeed what His Majesty addressed, urging the members to do their duties, keeping the interest of the people and the future generations above all else. And in the matter of deliberations regarding bills and acts, His Majesty reminded members, “that in focusing on the words and details of the laws and the needs of the present, do not be blinded to the future of our country and people – and the long-term objectives and priorities of our nation.”

The message is crystal clear - if Humpty Dumpty cannot be put together, Humpty Dumpty must be forgotten.

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