Sunday, February 27, 2011

It is Demoralizing

I live in an attic. Its five-story high; high enough to bludgeon anyone contemplating suicide, as the building’s vicinity is
packed with concrete stuff; cement, iron rods and heavy machinery - tools of the construction trade that will guarantee your
destruction should you ever land on one of them at the speed of five-storied-jumping-jack-shoes.

Now you must wonder where this is going. Well, truth is, I’d rather continue the illegality of the attic and attack that garret but then again, the last man bothered is the landlord. And seeing how a simpleton, okay, a simpleton that wears the Buddha’s robes and is hooked onto the baba isn’t really the type that was envisaged by the public at large but well, what do you know? Isn’t life just full of surprises? like Forrest Gump and his mama’s advice, - life is like a Pandora’s Box,
you never know when that box will land on you.

The box landed on that monk and he is paying the price, and rightfully and lawfully, as some prominent legislators who
come from a self-confessed classless class put it. I live in an attic. Shouldn’t I be evicted? Shouldn’t my landlord be penalized?
Shouldn’t anyone breaking the law, committing what amounts to a crime, do the time?

The reason this is being brought to the fore in as forthright a manner as is possible is to ask that simple question: what is the consequence when a government, knowingly or in ignorance, breaks a law and not just any law, the supreme law of the land?
What are the consequences if there be any? What are the moral grounds, on which they can pass a bill for the greater good, implement that bill into a law and actually get to see real people bound by that law handcuffed and detained for days and weeks? A lot of the Supreme Court’s verdict-talk has centered on the big- smiley-image of “nobody won and nobody lost” and we are all fine in the land of the Peaceful Dragon. If anyone who has ever been a victim or deserved punishment and got it and served it in lieu of the infringement of the rule of law, well, then, the latest verdict basically ends like a fairy tale. It is nothing short of an insult thrown at his injured persona. But then like most struggling individuals, I live in an attic because I like living in attics, plus our kind do not belong to the mansions. It’s got some kind of a karmic pull. It’s either been the attic or the basement for me. I’ve found dwelling in between these two lofty extremes almost bardo-like, or better yet, pure limbo.

And I don’t like the limbo and I’m sure no one does either.

But we all have to live in that space whether we like it or not and we gotta keep living in that limbo until we can get an attic
or a basement. For now, if you have not done your homework, there is no punishment. The brouhaha has been impressive. The
constitution won. The Supreme Court held its integrity and credibility. The government has been shut up and guess what?
No one is paying the price, except for Sonam Tshering.

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