Sunday, March 6, 2011

Average Dorji Has a Dilemma

I hope everyone slept well yesterday. Sleep is important, it is that one activity where there is no activity physically as the body tries resting and the mind goes wrestling. And invariably, gets caught up in that inception called dreams, together with nightmarish screams.

And when you do get up from a particularly disturbing dream, the morning relief is such that a cup of coffee tastes like manna from heaven. Everything is subjective, be as it may, the objectivity has to be maintained. But even the most well intentioned motives and plans can go awry, simply because life itself is complicated and when it is framed with rules and regulations, things can get pretty metaphorical - conjectures leading to confusions that confounds everyone until you get ready to jump into that pond to catch the moon, or conversely, focus so hard on that finger that you miss all that heavenly glory.

The act of the tobacco show displayed certain glaring disparities in the crime versus punishment ratio. People came out to support the monk, and now, the driver too and why not? Empathy is a precious human touch and where there are displays of such care and concern, we should take pride. But knee-jerk reactions of the like that bombards the news channels sounds bad. Let’s be patient. Our belief in the system and in our leaders should not falter, and looking at how Average Dorji has been reacting, signs are good. He believes in the system. He believes in the ruling Government. He believes in the Opposition. And he believes in the Courts. Again he sympathizes with the Government and he sympathizes with the Monk and the Opposition.
He also agrees that taxation is good.

But he is, at the end of the day, Average Dorji and he is confused. Hearsay about the Government not being able to function and implications amounting to dissolution of the Government and the like troubles him. All Average Dorji wants to know is this: Why can’t those wise old magi of the land settle the bill and just pay up, say, divide it, share it and make it a 50-50 affair.

Because there is not much Average Dorji can take. He has got headaches. He cannot figure out what is going on and neither will he ever. But one thing is certain, Average Joe is proud of his government, is proud of his opposition party, is proud of the MTR tour, and is proud of his fellow Ignorant Dhendups. All he wants is peace, progress and prosperity, not just of the material variety, but one in harmony with the soulful sort that keeps him awake at nights glaring at the sky and wondering how did Louis Armstrong ever write such a simple song with such a profound message? And Average Dorji knows the answer too.

It’s a wonderful world if you like that song. Now please join in the chorus, as Average Dorji needs that back up. He needs that back up because he is Average Dorji and not Mt. Everest and really, the legal world is a nightmare for him. He thought “Locus Standi” was a “Locust” that could do “Stand Up”.

And that “By Law” was the ultimate catch word when rooting to be that last kid in the bunch throwing the old “Khoppi”. Do not laugh at Average Joe, for he takes you at your word, and believes that everything that happens in his country happens for the betterment of all Average Dorjis and Sophisticated Seldons. When the government went “Tax” he went “Glad”. When the “Courts” said “Wrong” he said, “Clap”. When the Opposition said “No” he went “Yo!” When the Monk was jailed he went “Bail”. And now he suffers from insomnia because he gets the feeling it was somehow all his fault. Now that Average Dorji suffers, shouldn’t there be a conscientious buffer so that Average Joe and we can all peacefully nap and supper?

PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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sonam ongmo said...

You all may be "Average Dorji's" who cares but you can make a difference. Sign the Petition to Repeal/Amend the Tobacco Act! :)