Friday, March 18, 2011

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand is an initiative taken up by individuals, both Bhutanese and the Japanese community working and residing in Bhutan, particularly Thimphu, to get together in an effort to show not only the immense sense of loss and empathy felt by the individuals to those affected by the tragedy in Japan but to try and transform that sense of helplessness felt by the Bhutanese at large, from the common man to His Majesty The King.

A Helping Hand is thus a platform for people from wall walks of life to help donate whatever they can. The Journalist, Bhutan Today, Radio Valley and Kilu Bhutan Music School, together with other citizens, have decided to chip in their respective platforms and resources to help aid the cause.

The Journalist and Bhutan Today will, to create awareness and information, provide spaces in their respective pages to highlight the cause, as will Radio Valley through their programs and segments, and Kilu Bhutan Music School, through their concert, which will be the culmination of the momentum we hope to create and gather, leading to the concert, “A Helping Hand” at the Clock Tower Square, on Sunday, March 27.

You can call the offices of The Journalist, Bhutan Today, Radio Valley and Kilu Bhutan Music School for walk-in donations and whatever information you require:

The details are mentioned below:

*Jurmi Talisman Chhowing, Editor, The Journalist, (17752294)
*Ugyen Kota Tenzin, Editor, Bhutan Today (17973313)
*Ganchu and Supe, Radio Valley (i7110975/17696969)
*Rinchen and Haruko, Kilu Bhutan Music School (17741001/17953157)
*Dasho Benji (17110213)
*Tshering Wangdi (17609184)
*Tashi Kasha Pelyang Lhendup (17982804)
*Sonam Brother John (17413953)

*Lend a Hand... Donate What You can By Contacting The Above Individuals or Directly To DRUK PNB ACCT. NO: 110010069770

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