Thursday, May 5, 2011

Your Zakar Revealed

(May 5 Thursday -*The 2nd Day of the 3rd Bhutanese Month

Read Zakars, Perform Daily Rituals – Such as Sleeping, Ignoring the Trash, Keeping the House as it is, Wasting Time Doing Nothing and Getting Away With That, Looking Busy at Work, Watching People in a Voyeuristic Fashion and Then Video-Taping it With Intend to Laugh and to Distribute the Spoils, Ignoring the Neighbors and Tenants Cry for Lesser Rents and More Water, Watching Hum Kisse Se Kam Nahin, Spreading Malicious Gossip About People You Profess to Care About,

Gloating at Your Colleague’s Misery and Rejected Request for His Maiden Foreign-Trip, Smoking and Reading the Tobacco, Making Some More Bankeys at the Local Store, Back-Stabbing Your Best Buddy & Taking Off With His Girl, Attending Cremations With a Silly Big Grin on Your Face, Telling the New Born Baby’s Parents How Ugly the Little Focker is, Cutting Down Illegal Timber,

Constructing Illegal Houses on Government Land, Cheating Your Business Partner By Getting Him So Drunk He Signs Your Agreement Favoring You, and Drinking on the House and Slapping the Bartender, Running Into Cops, Making Use of That Excessive Excuse of the Death of Some Imaginary Family Member an Son on and So Forth.

Desecrate Corrupt Practices, Propitiate a Superiority Complex, Ask Gods and Deities to Shut Down and Shut Up the Facebook Tobacco Amendment Act, Learning Astrology to Dissect Your LG Opponent’s Weaker Chi Spots, Giving a Much Deserved and Awaited Promotion to the Deserving,

Holding Celebrations and Marking the 24th Person Packed Off to Jails Under the Ingenious Tobacco Act, Entering into Your New Duplex Constructed in Record Time With Tainted Money From the Southern Direction, Shifting Your Unconfirmed Views on the Will of the Majority as the Occasion and the Topic Demands,

Handing-Taking Over Favors Above and Not Under the Table, Pretending Your Patriotism is Somehow Higher than Your Fellow-citizens’, Opening Up One More Fronting Office as a Legitimate Venture, Start New Business Based on Old Models, Smoking Your Cigar and Sipping Your Champagne Sitting in a Hammock on Your Roof House Soaking in the Summer Sun and Being Proud of Yourself, Venture on a Tour Abroad Where You’ll Do a Lot of Shopping in the Name of the Nation, Taking Your Future Saplings out of the House to Celebrate the Little Brat’s Birthday and the Like.

PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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