Monday, July 11, 2011

To His Majesty the King – In Gratitude

To you and Your Lineage Your Majesty, it is owing that the history of our country was ever begun. It is owing to you and your forefathers that our history appears what it is now. It is owing to you that we are all so plentifully provided for with the most essential means of blissful existence

Kasha - Thimphu

You are never deficient in acts of genuine generosity. Your goodness savors more of the divine than human nature. A stronger picture of a truly benevolent mind cannot be found elsewhere. My gratitude for your princely benefactions burst forth from my heart. Your desires are to me in the nature of commands; the impression that you leave every time I am honored with the opportunity to be in your presence can never be erased from memory. Recommending goodness and innocence has been your sincere endeavor and honest purpose.

Your good nature, your charitable disposition, your modesty are all too well known to need any panegyric but nevertheless I need to do my part in expressing my gratitude to you for being who you are – The People’s King. I know the great obligations I have to you and should detest myself if I thought my heart was capable of ingratitude. Your name is mentioned only with a sense of adoration but the adoration is given and not exacted. You are most industrious in seeking out scenes of distress, most eager to relieve it and then as careful to conceal what you have done. Your dislike of public praise, an unwillingness to hear the least mention of your own virtues reminds me of the word of a poet (whose name escapes my memory) ‘do good by stealth and blush to find it fame.’ You are as much distinguished by your modesty and affability as by all your other perfections.

Time and again your immoderate fondness for children and the elderly has evoked many a tear. You have an infinite delight in doing everything in your power to please them. And the desire is attended with such success that your subjects regard you not as a human but a God. Your highest satisfaction is to contribute to the success of your subjects. You omit no instance of bestowing your affection upon us.

The beauty of your virtue attracts the admiration of mankind worldwide as you industriously labor for the benefit of your citizens. Every action of yours proceeds from a natural affection for your subjects. We have obligations to you which we can never return. We would rather die a thousand deaths than have our conscience upbraid us with one disrespectful, ungrateful or undutiful thought towards you.

Good nature always has the ascendant in your mind. Your Majesty, to know you and not love your goodness would be an argument of total want of sense or goodness in anyone. In you the highest dignity is united with the purest simplicity. It is perpetually reflected in the utmost sweetness and benevolence of your smiles. Such is the compassion that inhabits your mind that nothing but the steel of justice can ever subdue it. None ever so sensibly feels the misfortunes of others. Yours is a knowledge which nothing escapes, a penetration which nothing can deceive and an integrity which nothing can corrupt. Your acts of charity to objects whose only recommendation are their wants reflect a degree of goodness superior to all men.

Your oratory skills denote the intrinsically rich mind from which the words flow. Every word you speak proves you deserve that good, that great, that benevolent character that the whole world allows you. You are indulgent to your subjects, hospitable to your neighbors, charitable to the poor and benevolent to all mankind. We admire the justness of your sentiments.

And now we eagerly await the next great chapter in our history - your wedding which is but the consequence of love, the only foundation of matrimonial felicity. Doubtlessly, hearts have been broken and minds have been made melancholy but nevertheless this is a match which promises to be advantageous for all those of Bhutanese blood.
Your Majesty, I take this opportunity of heartily wishing you well. The agonies of joy which we all felt upon your announcing your intention to be wed are indeed beyond my power to describe. We heartily congratulate you on your prudent foresight. The sun never shone upon a finer couple.

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congrats, u earned it, so enjoy it,