Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Secret of Water

Is the "Heart" of Water Affected by Moods?

Where your water comes from and how it's treated may impact more than just your health. How your wellbeing is affected by new developments in the science of our greatest resource.

By Joelle Klein

More than 70 percent of your body and of the surface of our planet is made up of water. Water is one of the most common substances on Earth, but we spend little time thinking about this mysterious liquid that keeps us alive.
But the world is starting to open its eyes to the wonders of this miracle substance — its mysteries, its ancient significance, its energetic phenomena, its ability to burn and, even more astonishing, its ability to remember anything that comes into contact with it.
The Structure of Water
Why should we care about the structure of water? Water's bonds are formed by everything that surrounds it — including human thoughts and emotions. For instance, the latest findings surrounding consciousness and water show that a simple blessing can have positive effects on the structure of water.
Researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated repeatedly that our words, thoughts, emotions and music all have an effect on water. Through photos of frozen water droplets, he is able to illustrate how positive thoughts, words and harmonious music influence water molecules to make beautiful hexagonal crystals, while negative thoughts, emotions, harsh music or cell phones have the opposite effect, transforming water molecules into smudged, distorted, formless shapes.
How Water Shapes Us
Imagine: If our bodies are made up mostly of water, what are we doing to our biological entities through our thoughts, emotions or use of cell phones? Consider the negative effects dining with angry people could have on your wellbeing!
Dr. Patrick Flanagan has hiked up mountains, traveled through jungles and crossed rigid terrain to places like Hunza, Pakistan, Tibet and distant hideaways in Ecuador where people frequently live to be 120 years of age. Some scientists attribute the villagers' longevity to diet, but Flanagan believes the answer is upstream — in the water. "Water's molecular structure is shaped due to the mineral content of water, energy fields and the flow of water." Fresh mountain streams create natural vortexes and, untainted by urban civilization, deliver water filled with natural energies and healthful nutrients.”
How We Shape Water
But what happens if the only water we consume has traveled through thousands of feet of pipe to processing plants where it undergoes chemical treatment? Experts believe the water structures are left with negative — and even destructive — impressions that are then pressed through our bodies.
However, there is hope. We are on the brink of understanding water's important burning properties, how to handle water with respect, and how to improve its structure and living energies so that we might one day have our drinking waterencompass more and more of the beneficial properties of the Hunzas’ water.
At last, water and all its magical and mysterious qualities are starting to be taken seriously. By trying to understand the anomalies of water and its secret life, we may unlock its secrets. Once we do this, we can improve the health and wellness of everyone.

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