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The 4th Estate Turns a Decent Man Into a Murderer


Bhutan Today

Thursday, 10 November 2011 05:35

By Chencho Dema: Thimphu

A 28-year-old former reporter of a weekly paper is in a stable condition at the surgical ward of the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH) after he was hit three times by a knife.

The incident took place between 9:00 to 9:30 pm on the night of Saturday near Hong Kong market in Thimphu.

The suspect, a 30-year-old accountant working for another weekly paper, was arrested on Monday by the police based on the description given by the victim.

In a statement to the police, the victim had stated that the suspect was not known to him and had seen him for the first time at the site of the incident.

Upon enquiry, police found out that the suspect was working for a weekly paper from where he was arrested and detained for further investigation.

The matter was reported to the police by one of the doctors from the emergency ward of JDWNRH at around 11:00 pm after the victim was bought to the hospital drenched in blood by his friends.

Talking to Bhutan TODAY the dealing officer said: “When we reached the hospital, the victim was in the dressing room, where his wounds were being dressed up. He was injured on his forehead, back of the head and a deep gash on his left hand. We began our interrogation, after the doctor certified that he was stable.”

According to eyewitnesses, the suspect and the victim were in a restaurant in Hong Kong Market, where the victim was having beer with two of his friends. The suspect was having dinner at another table.

The suspect was talking with some of the customers who were present at the restaurant when the victim in his drunken stupor intervened in between.

During the course of the debate, the victim got infuriated and threw a beer glass on the face of the suspect. Eyewitnesses said the victim smashed a beer bottle on the suspect’s head. “He even hit the acussed with a bowl and whatever he could lay his hands on, while his friend held the suspect,” one witness said.

Another witness said that the victim started the fight. “He was so drunk while the suspect was sober,” she said, adding that anyone in his(victim) place would have reacted.

While the friends of the victim went to clear their bill at the counter the victim went out of the bar. The suspect had gone to the kitchen, picked up a knife (seven inch in length) and went after the victim.

Meanwhile, the victim was waiting for his friends inside the car in the parking. When his friends did not come out, the victim got out of the car to call his friends but saw the suspect coming towards him with the knife.

Again a fight broke between them and when trying to block his head, the suspect hit the victim with the knife on his left hand, the fore head and then at the back of the head.

The suspect was asked to leave the scene by the friends of the victim while the victim was taken to the hospital.

Sources say the suspect might be charged for criminal attempt to involuntary manslaughter.

The suspect is from Tsirang while the victim is from Bidung gewog under Trashigang dzongkhag.

Meanwhile, police are waiting for the victim to recover.

Kuensel Dec 12, 2011

Accountant charged for attempted manslaughter
By Tashi Dema

A month after one private newspaper’s accountant knifed a former reporter of another private newspaper, the office of attorney general charged both of them for battery and voluntary manslaughter on December 7.

In the incident that occurred at the Hong Kong market area in Thimphu around 9:30pm on November 8, the accountant knifed the 28-year-old reporter on his forehead, the back of his head and his left hand.

Thimphu police conducted the investigation and forwarded the case to attorney general’s office.

Attorney general officials said the accountant was charged for voluntary manslaughter in accordance with section 140 of the penal code, as he had gone to the restaurant kitchen, taken the knife and assaulted the reporter.

Although the victim, in his initial statement to police said he did not know the person who assaulted him, attorney general officials said he had provoked the accountant and also hit him with a beer bottle.

“We have, therefore, charged him for battery,” an official said.

Meanwhile, with the case forwarded to the district court, the accountant, who is still in police custody, is allowed to meet his relatives.

Police officials said detainees were, otherwise, disallowed from meeting their relatives until the case was forwarded to court.

“Once the case is forwarded to court, it means that the investigation is over,” an official said. “Allowing relatives and friends to meet detainees at the custody before that would hamper our investigations.”

Attorney general officials said the former reporter was released on surety because the injuries he sustained were severe.

*The above articles reflect one thing: IGNORANCE
**The above articles did another thing: Played JUDGE & JURY
***The articles have done NO UPDATES but geneorusly renacted all the FILTH minus the MOTIVE
****The above artilces are factually WRONG
*****The above articles break all JOURNALISTIC ETHICS
******The above articles are based on BULLSHIT
*******The above articles encourage INCARCERTION rather than REFORM
*********The above articles sets a very DISTURBING TREND
**********The above articles have DONE no UPDATES and inteviewed none of the people/members of the family/Witness Accounts adn the LIKE... Its just FILLED in SPACE and in doing that, VIOLATED and PREMATURELY PREJUDGED a MAN into a MURDERER with those constant references to MANSLUGHTER, VOLUNATRY MANSLAUGHTER, INVLUNYTARY MANSLAUGHTER, KNIFED< KNIFED> KNIFED>
************The above articles should be RETOLD as it fundamentally MISINFORMS the PUBLIC
*************The above artilces SHOW the TRUE LETHARGIC and GUTLESS APPROACH of the so called 4th ESTATE, which is turning out to be nust that; an ESTATE run by CROOKS taking cover under the seemingly credible face of a NEWSPAPER- its a FRONTING BUSINESS is what the 4th ESTATE is... run by MASKED a-holes with twisted AGENDAS.
***************The above articles should be TAUGHT to all reporters as in "WHAT NOT TO

DO" as opposed to "WHAT TO DO" since the message of SIMPLYFYING COMPLEXITIES doesn't seem to SEEP IN.
*****************The above articles should be immediately TRASHED and DELETED.

PS: And why in the WORLD would BUSINESS BHUTAN run in its THE WEEK THAT"S GONE column the above JUDGEMENTAL CRAP all over with the HEADER "ACCOUNTANT CHARGED FOR INVOLUNTARY MANSLUGHTER"???? If its to SEE SUBASH GHIMIRAY and TSHERING PENJOR go to JAIL and COME OUT as FRSUTRATED CITIZENS WITHOUT any faith in the SYSTEM; Then You Have Accomplished What You Shoudln't- Turning a MISTAKE into a MURDERER and a CRIMINAL for LIFE.



subash ghimiray;
a father,
a husband,
a human being-
had a fight- the first in his life;
he sits in Chamgang Central Jail,
no bail said the judge,
you tried a murder,
now do the math,
and ask: is there two justices meted out according to haves & and the have-nots?
the speaker's bail was 91,
subash, an accountant, has none-
five years said the judge,
and the sledge hammer banged down-
now he's jailed,
his 4-5yr ol' son asks "where's baba?"
his young wife answers "on tour"
you can scoundrel crores,
go fraud-
and you get an apologetic pat on the back from the presiding judgmental judge,
you can be poor-
ad the law shall follow the law;
for they uphold the law where the expendables are involved.
and the media played their part;
here;s my question-
where's the closure on the story you propounded so righteously?
the day they sent him to Chamgang,
the landlord omitted his family,
from their home-
the media should be ashamed,
and the judges should remember-
to use sound judgment,
for even a fool can read the penal codes, and sentence accordingly.
here's what the twain have achieved;
turned a decent human being who made a human error into a criminal-
well done!

PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


singye said...

The thin red line between the right and the wrong is not to be determined, neither should it be judged by the mere recount of facts and the replays. The piecing back of the jigsaw of the encounter narrated by subjects who could at the earliest cannot spell his name rightly at that moment of time nor can they understand the backlash of the circumstances. Rest assured the picture is bleak, the astounding contradictions, the heavy determinacy at the helm of the authority, the controversial verdicts, I have and whole heartedly agree with my fellow iamDrukpa, but some question beckon here the questions, what is the real picture? where is the power of media to change the change? how do you measure the judgement and how are each judgement assessed? where is the integrity? Above all where is the change? The fear and the man's incapableness to chew his ego, the weakness to cave in, I fear these are the tickets where we both you and I might succumb to the howling wrath of the dreaded SYSTEM. My dearest friend, a true Drukpa is one who fears not the world but himself, the one who can divide that thin red line of right and wrong.Someone who can at the least not add up another negative.

iamDrukpa said...

well said... good food for thought ... good medicine. i guess its HOPE for the BEST and PREPARE for the WORST. there is no perfection... perhaps thats the ultimate paradoxical beauty... Ego is not necessarily BAD... or GOOD... just keep working with your GUT and your INTUITION one moment at a time i guess is what it is... And that's what i trust... whether the LINE is THIN or RED i don't really know.. i can only go with what i feel and know at that particular spontaneity in time. Cheers Mate!