Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 575 Feel

Tongue Slide of The Fork 
“When Tongues Go Wagging, It Can Right Speech or Wrong Speech- Remember The Forks…”
"Empty What Is Full, Fill What Is Empty; Scratch Where It Itches…"

Telling Talisman“Fcvk- a Dirty Word,
That Comes Out So Bloody Clean-
Ask Jack Kerouac...”

“On the Road
Goes This Dharma Bum
Writing His Own Fluid Rules
To Damn All Rigid Rules
While All The World's Bums Walk Beside You... Squabbling Over Rumor Mills”

“It’s The Haiku Night,
She Asks Where the Mid-Night-Moon is…
I Says In The Loco...”
“Homer's Spider Pig,
Does Not Swing & Wears a Wig;
Its Still Homer's Pig”

“She Calls Me Silly,
Says I Shouldn't Use "Fcvkin'' Words;
Sorry Honesty”

“When Times Are Like These,
Forget All Your Known-Knowledge-
Listen To The Gut”

“These Are Blood-Haikus,
Borne Of Furious Anger and Vengeance;
Don't Wrong The Right Man”

“I Live In My Head,
Your Castles Give Me the Headaches;
Hence the Painkillers...”

“Happiness Is Bought,
Sadness Is Bargained About-
All right. Set The Scales...”

“You Want Permanence?
Go Out and Fcvkin' Grab It;
It’s Already Gone?
Too Bad You Didn't Cash It Fast”

“You Are All Cocking,
I'm The MotherFvcker-
Who The Creep Are You?”

“Homer's Spider Pig,
Does Not Swing and Wears a Wig;
She Is Spider-Pig”

“She Calls Me Willy,
Says I Shouldn't Use "Fcvkin'' Words;

“When Times Are Like These,
Forget All Your Grown-Grease;
Keep Oiling The Gut… Please.”

“These Are Blood-Haikus,
Borne Of Frustration and Peace;
Don't Right The Wronged Man”

“I Fly With the Cloud,
Dissolving Into Monsoon Rain;
Become Solid Tales...”

“Happiness Is hunted,
And Sadness Is abandoned-
Your Premature Shoots…”

“You Want Permanence?
Come to Me and I’ll Show You;
It Is Drumming Me…”

This- His Tiger! This- His Dragon!
“This Little Person,
He Does Imaginations;
Strokes Them With Colors...”

“The Tathagata,
And The Eight-Fold Noble Path;
What-else Do You Need?”

“These Bothersome Bros,
They Hide and They Ramble;
Blow Your Dark Whistles- Take Your Cheap-Pot-Shots...”
Now Come Face The Echoing Thunderbolt”

“Keep Hiding Your-Selves;
And Building Your Allusions,
No Matter How Grand...They Are But Grains in the Sand,
That Time Will Let Slip,
And When The Slippers Come Off...
Beware Of The Charge.”

“Patience Is For Saints,
What Intolerance Is To Me…
I'm A Sinner- Do Not Fvckin' Pull”

“The Last Samurai...He Was An Alcoholic, Traumatized By His Past Transgressions,
But He Overcame His Alcoholism And Sharpens His Mind;
Does The Practice of Bushido, The Way of The Samurai...
The Path of The Fearless Heart…
But I’m a Sinner- Not a Samurai,
And a Puritan One at That;
The Righteous I'll Kill Wherever I Encounter Them,
I Said That... Not the Samurai”

“You Save a Pony,
Letting It Gallop the Wind;
They Call It An Ass.”

Expression“I Smoke Cigarettes,
Drink And Eat Various Poison,
You Exit Bullshit!”

“Fear And Hope Duels On,
Head And Heart Grasp On,
The War Battles On!”

“I Write A Haiku,
That’s What The Japanese Call It,
Sometimes Less Is More...”

Che“He Is Now Ten,
I Still Remember Him Then-
He Was An Infant”

“She Said Name Him Che,
It Sounded Like a Good Name
Now He is Mipham.
He loves animals,
We Were Always at The Zoo
Someday He'll Know Them”

“The legend of Che,
Is That He Died Fighting Young-
How He Now Lives On!
Fidel Was His Friend,
But Fidel Didn't Die Fighting-
That’s Fidel's Karma.
In Between The Two,
Is The Story of Our Lives-
Who Are We to Choose?”

“The Rains Yesterday,
The Newspapers Call Duet-se-
Today It’s Drowning Floods”

“I Write On Keyboards,
And Count On My Fingertips- This Haiku is tough!”

Care Less Haiku...“The Laughter In Us,
Will Cut Away All Your Ties-
And Still Have You Smile”

“Monsoon's Almost Dripped,
We Don't Remember Moments;
Now Here Falls Autumn...See How Autumn Falls!”

“You Were Once a Man,
Running With Wild Buffaloes-
What Happened To You?”

“This True Fearlessness, This True Compassion,
Set In Vietnam's Killing Fields; Embodied By This Lone Monk;
Look How He Faces It! The Final Offer! See How The Warmth Spreads!”

“It Is Not a Flame,
It's Compassion In Action-
Ultimate Courage... The Great Path Of Ahimsa; We Are Mere Cinders... Embers… Ashes...”

If You Shot Me In The Head;
I'd Say Thank You!”

“I Read The News Today,
Twenty-Five Hundred Years Ago; Someone Read It Too!”
“Phases Come And Go,
Comparisons And Contrasts;
Along Those Wrinkled Lines
Just Try And Be Here...”

“All The Ifs And Butt's,
Multiply And Keep Weeding;

“8 Billion Faces,
Mosaic Illustrations;
Now Choose Your Models...”

“All The World's Lovers,
Will Do One Thing In Common;
Suffocate That Love!”

“This Sedated Heart,
Is Laden With Painful Lead- Numb In-Difference...”

Dear M,“You Are Ten Today!
My Dearest Mipham,
A Jolly-Good-Happy-Birthday!
May You Live Kindly...Happily...And May You Stay Forever Young...”
“And Keep Your Sketching Heart,
Even If The Paint Should Peel Off-
Keep Sketching Your Art!”

“Traveling Nowhere;
I Was So Much Older Then-
I'm Younger Than That Now.
Having Said My Bit-
Thank You For The Memories...
Those I'll Cherish,
Bite In And Relish-
When I Board Amnesia!”

“This Constant Drumming,
That Would Have You Explaining-
Until You Explode!”

“Throw Away That Tie!
Unbuckle And Abandon Those Attachments!
And Just Try And Be...
I'm Telling You,
There Is Nothing Left To Tell;
Or Communicate!”

“The Meaning Of What?
When From Dusk Till Dawn You Breathe-
And Forget You Live!”

“Everything Is Quiet,
A Lone Crow Now Caws Far Away;
My Mind Makes More Noise!”

“Our Lives Miracles,
See The Surroundings Around?
Here Is All We Have”

“Do Not Cuss The Cub,
It Could Become A Tiger;
Old Mongol Saying...”

“The Story Of Genghis,
While He Was Still Temudjin;
Lord Of The Steppes...”

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