Thursday, December 8, 2011

Go Ahead & Detoxify Yourself


How do we embark on the journey of self-denial? First, you need to detoxify your mind, that is, rid it of all evil thoughts and intentions. Make sure that you do not even think of doing harm to others. You should know how not to give sorrow to others nor let others give you sorrow. Some people tend to specialize in causing sorrow to others. If you are not alert to the devices of such people, you will pick up the sorrows, and keep them in your mind Use your mental and physical faculties to fight the tendency to harp on these negative thoughts that can cause harm.

You have to use your imagination to think of alternatives to such negative thoughts. You can practice pranayama to control the physical effects of negative thoughts. First you should be able to control your sex drive. Your sexual relationship with your partner should be pure or else you will only be indulging in lust, not expressing your love. The sexual act is a form of prayer. Another emotion you need to overcome is fear. Some people get afraid, even though they are not clear about what they are afraid of.

Some others are afraid of creations of their own imagination "I am afraid my wife will leave me for someone else". The person is not sure whether he will die first or she will die first. Still he is afraid of what his mind projects. What is responsible for this projection? It is fear If the fear centre is not transformed, there will be both legitimate and illegitimate fears. If i see a tiger, i should legitimately be afraid. Therefore you should have fear, healthy fear, and not unfounded fears. Your ego also ought to be transformed.

Ego is Edging God Out

An egoist is incapable of thinking about anything or anybody except in terms of his own self. This exclusive concern with "I, me, my and mine" should go. One has to be self-confident and self-assertive in life, but it is totally another thing to be selfish. The next is to transform one's emotion. A lot many people have strong feelings of love towards other people and objects. True love should be liberating, with no strings attached. Does paramatma have a form? What form of energy do I have to surrender? There is higher energy residing right within us.

Right now our atmosphere is full of electromagnetic waves from the transmitters of media. Those waves are everywhere. However, if our radios and TV monitors are unplugged from the power supply, we can't see any pictures or hear any sound. Or, if the receiver sets are disassembled, and the parts are lying in a heap, we are unable to watch any programme. The waves are always present, but our antennas or receptors are to be tuned to receive their signals. Think of exercises like the chin mudra and listening to discourses as ways of properly assembling your inner faculties and energizing them into a state of readiness to receive the waves.

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