Monday, December 26, 2011

Smeagol's Delusion Redux

You know what the establishment does to you? Makes you feel small - like them Hobbits inthe Lord of the Rings or better yet, Gollum, or Smeagol as he was known. But we all know who finally got rid of the ring, don't we? But still the establishment, I tell you man, the establishment will shrink you, like a dry cleaner, it'll belittle the man in you, for that's how the establishment establishes itself. And that's also how the establishment lures, corners and hustles men into dwarfs of delusions.

But just what is the establishment? Notions of big government comes to mind; but is that it? Is government all there is when you talk about an establishment or “the” establishment? No. The government is but one facade. One facet of a multitude of facets where everything is institutionalized. Your life, work, family, community, country and the whole goddamn thing is institutionalized. You are born into slavery. Salvation is an army and the army will not deliver you unto freedom. It might keep you in battle but battles tend to kill rather than rescue. Reality bites and you are already institutionalized before you can crawl on your baby limbs. Nothing is scarier than being caught in that wrath of false freedom. Freedom? What do you know of it? What do you know of liberty? What do you know of being fearless? You who are so caught up in that voluptuous sensual pleasure of globalization that one peeping glance you’re ever gonna have, and if that, is should you die a peaceful death. Got money in the banks? Stocks in the market, a house of your own, land aplenty and prep schools and junk food abroad? Swanky hotels and branded cars? Real leather made of exotic animals? Got yourself immersed and drowning in poverty? Can’t pay the rent and the utilities and the grocery bills? Well, welcome to the Institution.

The lure and reality of plastic freedom is all you are ever gonna have and that's exactly what the establishment and the institution wants you to feel. You are being duped! Wake up and awaken! This is not the fuckin' matrix but they'll make sure it becomes one and that you live in it with an I.D. tag on your chest that reads: Mr Dorji, Conventionally Successful, Living in Marital Bliss, Cannot tell a Snake's Hiss from his Own Piss, Comfortably Numb & Invariably Dumb.
That's how they'll manufacture freedom for you and in your fuckin' greedy ignorance and selfish search for temporary salvation, that's how you'll lap it all up; tail wagging and tongue out in saliva drippin’ expectation. And in the end when that date of expiry comes to a stale and stank- flat explosion, you'll have realized how they sold you a product and you lived as such - born and bred in a factory production assembly line all the while suckered in the belief that you were the "successful model." But here's a cookie from the jar. Y’know what makes it all so fuckin' ironically beautiful? The kicker from Mr KARMA that says even the establishment and the institutions are so neck and arse deep in it that they DO NOT KNOW and like ripples in a pond from an invisible source, even they are lost and trapped in that whole façade called FREEDOM. And remember, what Mr KARMA tells me is neither verified either. Then he tempts to reveal to me the source of his information. It’s a guy called the BUDDHA. So for further enquiries, contact him.

I Been Haiku-Sing, If there Be Such A Damn thing; Frock The Romantics!

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