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HappyLosers & RhineStone CowBoys

Kenny RogersCover of Kenny Rogers

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I dunno where that Rhinestone Cowboy header came from but it just sprang- literally from the keyboards and jumped onto the screen!
I know- it’s my ever-white Kenny Rogers and that Blonde Busty what’s her name??? Jolly Dolly Golly Hangover Pardon subconsciountiously inconsequential attachment from days of hormonal yonder… Spent day lodged in clothes that might give even the crossworded hyena a definite indigestion- the perils and joys of the non-existence of Central Heating.
Watching the Auzzie Open Down Under and wondering at the obnoxiousness and the sheer audacity of the Sun in going below leaving us at the Tropic of Cancer pretty much as if in a boat called the Freezelatic Tittilatic. Spot Justine Henin doing an interview and man I miss that li’l Lioness Belgian and her glorious backhands. She seems happy… looks happy… that makes me happy! Saw Oprah on NDTV 24/7 doing the literal fest in Rajasthan, the land of colorful-coil-turbans and beautiful garments; esp. the women’s’ wear and the women wearing them. What a woman! She should clone a gazillion Oprah's with the same Genes… not gonna happen but you get the drift. R.E.S.P.E.C.T thy name is O.P.R.A.H and women thy name is O>P>R>A>H. May you live as you do… now and forever more… inspiring billions…. God bless ya.

Whatelse? saw The Last of the Mohicans. Daniel Day-Lewis at that age could have OWNED everything… as he still does with films such as “There Will Be Blood”. What Dedication! What Craft! Such Art! Boy this man is smart with a big big HEART.
And Madeleine Stowe has gotta be one of the most graceful… dignified… beautiful… ageless women ever to grace the Silver Screen.

The Last of the Mohicans (1992 film)Image via Wikipedia

There Will Be BloodThere Will Be Blood (Image via

Madeleine Stowe, New Hampshire 2008 - Photo by...Image via Wikipedia

Wes StudiWes Studi (Image via

Madeleine StoweImage via Wikipedia

What else? The cold’s been well balanced by the generous sunshine during the days: clear blue skies and snow-capped mountains… I’ve never seen the horizons and silhouettes of Thimphu's mountains as snow-laden as they been this abundant winter. Indeed the day today was such a warm wintry day we couldn’t resist going on a motorcycle ride… rode with a couple of hommies nowhere in particular and everywhere in general…. But now that its dusk and the Sun’s gone; foggedaboudid!
Gotta shack up back in my rutty shack in Semtokha… Love the roughness and the edginess and ofcourse- the ubiquitous cold… (Just do the Dump) before hitting the nightly hump is the one regulation all my mates and I follow: (try taking a crap at minus 4-7 midnight outdoors with the wind-chill factor included). Checked the mandatory Gmails and found a note that elates me: the ex-wife says my son is doing an act in a commercial to raise awareness… advocacy… and protest against the deportation of kids in Holland back to their native lands where they have nothing but nothing; some bitter memories they do not wanna recall, at best and at worst, a life of uncertainty… which, as a kid…. Has to hurt. Recently he’d done an ad for a clothing line called SALTY DOG and I was mighty proud as any parent would be… but this little information really does make me smile. Keep on keeping son is all I can think about and really; words are mere letters to the feeling in the gut that knows what I know and feel about him and I hope and pray and am sure… he does and will do too… though young in age (he’s 10), he knows… just as instinctively as any creature in the wilderness does… about the unbreakable bond. My prayers swoosh toward him and the kids in question who could be deported 'cos now the government’s cutting down on the budget and they don’t wanna have step-kids.
Some things in life never change and one of them is INJUSTICE. But for every action there is an opposite and enlightened reaction and that is to STAND UP, like the Marley song, and that is to FIGHT such institutionalized behavior that disposes of some at the comfort of others.
Whatelse? Yup… got a message from a mate wishing me a HAPPY NEW YEAR… now before you lose your marbles; know that in Bhutan there are umpteen new years. We call them LOSERS. And tomorrow is one more NEW YEAR going by the local shamanistic bred into Buddhism bred into animism that is bred into lunar astrology and bingo! Its HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D so happy New Year… sounds much better and might I add; tongue firmly in side-cheek. HAPPY LOSER!!!
This marks the 4th time we have had NEW YEARS since the MAYANs went, “Oh Fug Yourself: What apocalypse? Our calendar can’t handle too many numbers hence we are starting a new one”- and this is where White People take the cake: remember Y2K? I thought that was something like the FBI, the CIA, NASA… y’know…Yankees and their love for… what you call them? Abbreviations? Well… whaddayaknow… the same folks went nuts went Mr Cameroon said Pandora was a movie and the Nabi a figment of his very fertile imagination.


And meanwhile I’ve tuned out of the Tobacco Act… they went back to the way it used to be: the spin doctor tells us. What he didn’t and what we all know is that there are folks still imprisoned because the majority of those monkees thought they could lay out our Destinies for Us. So here’s a prediction- those 40+odd innocents will walk free before the ballot boxes open in 2013; so I’m thinking it will be circa- fall-winter-2012… Some things never change: one of them is politicians.
It’s like what the Pacino character tells the young Reeves lawyer in “The Devil’s Advocate” – “Vanity – my favorite sin” with that BIG PACINO GRIN & TWINKLING EYES! Ciao and Happy Loser!

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