Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tarmac Calls ( Hit The Road J...)

Its six minutes to midnight. I got out of Mojo Park. Before you jump to presumptions, its a rock & roll platform located at the basement (how apt) in this swanky new escalated mall called Sheare Square which I had going on awhile as The Shearer Sq. till a quick wit quipped "Shitty Square?"

The band was nice... as nice as bands can be and for a pack of youngsters from neighboring Kurseong in Northeast India, they did some rollicking Pinkus Floydus numbers. So here I am, back where I feel the coziest under the circumstances of having to type into a laptop minus a battery and minus 4-7 degrees below Celsius depending on your insulation. I see that my little private confessions of a heartfelt mind on the twists and turns of one man's romance is a boredom to another man's philandering ways. Or did a couple of female species read about what I feel and straight away tabbed the button that says "Bore"!!!

I dunno and I couldn't careless... for one must write what is right and that piece gave me peace; a commodity in rare form and sparsely populated wherever you happen to be in any time and any place. Let's rewind a bit over here and go through the nuts and bolts: I've not blogged proper in more than four months- due to reasons as varied and as inconsequential as the conversations over the goddamn weather, that's freezing all the prolonged ends of my limbs and as deeply shallow and casually nappy as the honorable MPs housing the chairs in Parliament. I haven't taken a J.O.B with any of the media firms due to my moralistic, existential and other assorted hang ups. I've a thing with the S.Y.S.T.E.M... you see... I thought I'd do a paper; a sort of weekly interbred of The Onion and the Columbia Review Journal and bring some of the laughter so inherent in the Bhutanese to the papers; man they are getting so bloody serious. But the authorizing agency chucks that proposition of mine back to me with demands such as five-eared-professionals, a well decked financial plan that makes mandatory that you be rich; that you have a swell account in the balance... and I've never quite understood the need for banks. Besides that, there were other wants in my proposition such as a pyramid of workers with experience none possess in the medium.

Going by their diktats, I did a quick math and figured there would be two papers running legitimately on those regulations.

So as we speak, my dream of providing an Atsara's Right View challenging conventionalities of seeing the nature and order of things remains just that- a clownish affair with just me and the Atsara laughing. You could call it a laughing matter, washed down with a chuckle, a giggle or whatever-else tickles your funny bones.

Here's another idea that's got me gripped: I been asking "can one mix money and morality?" Those with the cash say its a competitive dash; and those without say the world's gotten brash with that rash. the ones in between are all into hash... Looks like a stalemate gridlocked since money made man civilized.

Now that none of my ideas seem feasible, I been asking the next obvious question. Is it me or is it me? Turns out it is me and has always been me. If I played the conventional guy, the rumor mills will go "He's changed. He's become a nice guy." The price one pays is heavy for being who we are... I doubly admire the 9-5 dudes... I wonder how they do it day in and day out. The answers have been less adorable than the image in my mind. "No choice" "Duty calls" "The Kids" "The family" and so on do the rounds. Then came my next query: "But in the end, what does it entail?" "What does it all boil and trickle down to?"

Nobody has answered that. They tell you, "Do what makes you happy or do what you wanna do." very encouraging coming from folks who have obviously sacrificed a lot... to what end is unique to every individual...

But if that be the case, I'm hitting the road. I'm hitting the road 'cos the road beckons and I hear the call. That call that tells me "What else are you gonna do in a soiled go-around of skeptical wheel-borrowing?"

If life is a journey, the road must be walked. If the beauty of life is in its uncertainties; one must tred the path. If that be the scenario, one must walk into it expecting nothing. When you have got nothing, you've got nothing to lose; and if you've got nothing to lose, the smallest gain is still a bargain you din't foresee. Now hit the road Jack... And don't you come back no more....

Journey Well My Friends…..Journey Well!

I love this saying and find it offers me great hope. I am not needing to end up any given place at the end of the day….I just need to keep moving.

I love the saying because it is a long-term vision. This is not just about a new years resolution or even a theme for my 20′s or 30′s or even now in my 40′s….

This is about life….as long as I have breath, my commitment is to journey…..

But I have learned the importance of mile markers on my journey. I am being very intentional in this coming year to know their location and be able to look forward to the rest areas.
I am learning that for me to stay focused on the journey, I need to have specific goals to meet which also give me reason to celebrate. I am learning I look for places to stop and rest along the way. I am guarding against setting my goals to be about a destination…I don’t want to be a certain weight (even though I really kind of do), I am celebrating if I have established routines that will promote daily healthy living.

I am sure I will write more about my mile markers, rest areas and celebrations. I want to end by inviting you to establish your mile markers, rest area’s and celebration points on your journey. It makes the journey quite fun and definitely worth living….

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