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When Scorpions Merge & Become Butterflies

I'm back in my shack... an attic actually, run by an amoral landlord with an amoral tenant- somethings are just meant to be. Destiny, pre-destiny and the company of such premonitions do take root in faceless nobodies that meet somehow and just as a rainbow, disappears into the vast edgeless skies...

Yes. I'm back in my shack of an attic and mesmerized, nay, bewildered, by the speed of time and how it passes. It seems, like all past tense things tend to seem, just like yesterday that a struggling scorpion, beset by the cold winter chill, went about an accepted routine life and on such a night as yesterday, stopped by a tavern for the cold was turning him into one of Jack London's characters set in the Yukon and all he'd wanted was a lift to his shack. He did have an automobile... somewhat as weathered and battered as he himself was... but had to be garaged as his vital signs required replacements.

Hence he stopped by the tavern... and it was called the Twilight Tavern- a curious name now that he recalls suggesting it to one of the many owners that have passed the torch on to more optimistic beings of entrepreneurial callings.

That's where he saw the other scorpion, although in truth he'd sighted her earlier... albeit in a crowded bistro called Benez. But that fleeting memory aside, here he actually sighted her... and perhaps she sighted him too. Though referred to as a scorpion, she was more of a butterfly... one of those magical creatures that actually live life in a literally metamorphical manner... they change and they adapt... And they E.V.O.L.V.E... Now if you anagram that... You get L.O.V.E!

The First Stage: The Egg:
A butterfly starts life as a very small, round, oval or cylindrical egg. The coolest thing about butterfly eggs, is that if you look close enough you can actually see the tiny caterpillar growing inside of it. Some butterfly eggs may be round, some oval and some may be ribbed while others may have other features. The egg shape depends on the type of butterfly that laid the egg, nutrition stacked reminding you of all the lovely summers gone by.

The Second Stage: The Larva (Caterpillar):
When the egg finally hatches, most of you would expect for a butterfly to emerge, right? Well, not exactly. In the butterfly’s life cycle, there are four stages and this is only the second stage. Butterfly larvae are actually what we call caterpillars. Caterpillars do not stay in this stage for very long and mostly, in this stage all they do is hang around camouflaged eating green leaves... more summer memries!

The Third Stage: Pupa (Chrysalis):
The pupa stage is one of the coolest stages of a butterfly’s life. As soon as a caterpillar is done growing and they have reached their full length/weight, they form themselves into a pupa, also known as a chrysalis. From the outside of the pupa, it looks as if the caterpillar may just be resting, but the inside is where all of the action is. Inside of the pupa, the caterpillar is rapidly changing. Within the chrysalis the old body parts of the caterpillar are undergoing a remarkable transformation called ‘metamorphosis,’ to become the beautiful parts that make up the butterfly that will emerge. Tissue, limbs and organs of a caterpillar have all been changed by the time the pupa is finished, and is now ready for the final stage.

The Fourth Stage: The Butterfly!
Finally, when the caterpillar has done all of its forming and changing inside the pupa, if you are lucky, you will get to see an adult butterfly emerge. When the butterfly first emerges from the chrysalis, both of the wings are going to be soft and folded against its body. This is because the butterfly had to fit all its new parts inside of the pupa. As soon as the butterfly has rested after coming out of the chrysalis, it will pump blood into the wings in order to get them working and flapping – then they get to fly. Usually within a three or four-hour period, the butterfly will master flying and will search for a mate. And when its over, it begins anew.

Some sights in life just make you smile: a rainbow... an Atsara, and of course, a butterfly. But this butterfly had more than the butter and the flight and the light in her design. She was that rare scorpion who'd managed to become the majestic eagle... the Metamorphosing Butterfly arising from the Sphinx every time she was pulled down. In that tavern, in that cold chill... swayed this warm being attracting eyes as easily as a bright bulb does those mysterious moths.

The two scorpions locked eyes, and something predestined happened: they liked each other. People say if love is blind why'd you need sight... but the flip-side to that coin is that there are people with sight but no vision...I guess its one of those things one cannot explain... so you go with that natural flow... and lemme tell you; such a flow comes alight with a lot of glow, which again explains why I'm writing what i'm writing. The timing is perfect. The setting is a mirror-reflection... the only hitch here is that I'm reminiscing, and when one being does that, its also because he is grateful and sad, alone and lonely, yet alive enough to recall the times he had... for in the end what are we but stories?

This story lives in him as much as the poison at the end of its tail. The most beautiful stories are those that are yet to be completed... Once upon a time may sound like an apt beginning but really, once upon a time comes bang in the middle of a story that hath begun lifetimes ago...
And "they lived happily ever after" is another misguided misnomer, for the future is yet to be ascertained, the past hath begun like a dream you enter into, never knowing the plot and the cast and the twist and the turns till you wake up either exhilarated or totally gobsmacked!

The two scorpions made a home in that shack of an attic and turned it into a garden of butterflies; They enjoyed the most banal of subjects and watched the most cliched of shows- whether that was broadcast on cable TV or in the pajama and drama surrounding the inhabitants of the capital city of a country that was a kingdom located in the cold beautiful balm of the great Himalayas. Here was another paradox- she came from the New Land, and he was a native of the Old Kingdom. She came of the desert and he was bred in the mountains. She came of a country that could be a continent unto itself and he was a citizen of one of the smallest unknown kingdoms in the world.

But time and tide comes a knocking and all things that are, wither or burn away... not necessarily to end things but rather incongruously, to start things anew. And as we speak, one scorpion makes plans to hit the road with a hope, no matter how fleeting, that the other will always be happy and content, and forever bonded and loved in his heart; as she must do and feel and think and act upon three continents, two oceans and dozens of time zones away.

If physical matter was an obstacle, this expression would never have found its voice... and its that mystical bond of a love begun long ago, of a bond made eons past, that when all is said and done, they will always be able to smile and wish upon a star, that each is happy wherever the other is.

Thus continueth the tale of the two scorpions- tho' one manifests more like a butterfly, and the other, as the gentle hurricane behind its beautifully patterned wings. Such is Karmic Love, and therein lies the Yin and the Yang... And if this tale began long long ago; we might yet still have a tale to tell... about this Mariposa... This Papillon! XoXo

PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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