Friday, March 2, 2012

Go Freeze That Warmth

Its Plain I Don't Know; Plain As The Lines On My Palm-
Now Just Let Me Be; Even If It Sounds Like a Plea-
Now Go Be Someone Else's Balm; Let Me Be With My Plain Palm... For Though It May Sound Foolish-
It Prevents My Need To Harm,
And Funnily;
Keeps Me Calm...
I Buy What I'm Told;
From The Latest Hit- To The Wisdom of Old...
Yet We're Still... Makin' Love,
In My Secret World...
Ephemera-l's Face;
Is Lovely Impermanence-
To Permanent Change;
Assuming So Many Forms-
Now Watch Without Blinds...
In Some Way Or Form;
We're All Tryin' 2 Kill Time- & When It All Ends;
Time Ends Up Killin' Us-
Now How Do U Wanna Die?
We Crib And We Pine;
Even In The Midst of Buddhas-
Whilst Counting Prayer Beads.
Gentle Rain Droplets;
Now Almost a Quiet Whisper-
Like Those Butterflies...
We Are All Stories & Da Most Telling Tales Tell Stories Dat Don't Blend. Bitter Sweet Stories Become Sacrifices We Make-
Then We Just Dwell-
As If Watching Rainbows In Hell...
Be Disappointed;
When You Have Expectations...
Or Desire Nothiness!
Your MonoTony;
RuiNing Your AutoNomy-
Just See SinCerely.
I Said This Sometime; These Memoirs Are So Fuzzy- What Was It I Said? That Really; There Are No Good Buys!
And If That Be The Case; You've Got YourSelf Some Darn Good Flyin' Kites!
These BarGains! :)
PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
NB: ArtWork/Inspiration Mr Cohen... Leonard Cohen!

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