Monday, March 12, 2012

Respect That Goldfish

The bowels are caving in and the commode I once called holy and sacred is suddenly looking nefarious. The omnipresent noise from the channel that now blares twenty-four-seven both annoys and comforts me. Funny thing, when you keep company with digital characters way too long than required you begin to find their voices almost friendly! Took all my Herculean efforts to get me out of bed and off to or on the road. This is what happens when you write about Goldfish and find yourself getting a three-second memory as someone told me. That really blew me senses! A three-second memory! What a priceless gift and how appropriate that such should be the memoirs of a goldfish flapping about in rather impoverished aquariums! You just don’t know you are in one!
Now what has happened is that my perspective of the goldfish has totally flip-flopped! From empathy its now envy! And I’ve this task of having to apologize to every goldfish owner that I’ve belittled for what was a seemingly vain and amoral act- prepping up the living room with live-creatures. That and the painful apology of being an absentee father. Never have a child you ain’t gonna spend time with is the lesson I’ve learned, albeit rather painfully. Here I am, penning thoughts swimming in my head without the renewed memory that the goldfish enjoys.
Things fall apart and that’s not scripted you see- and when the detour is more than you can bear than there really is no way but to look smack into your life and see what’s what and what’s not. First off the entire mirror cracks and goes bust. The pieces and the shards are lying around reflecting all the lies you’ve ever known and been accomplice to. It’s a hard thing; when the lies catch up and you can’t run no more. Even the truth lies and now you stay blanketed and blanked with a thousand and one truths wrestling as many doubts, lies and fears. The meaning of your life and its course is nothing to be proud of. The goldfish with the three-second memory seem to hold more dignity in its little fins than yours' have ever done. The next time you spot an aquarium with a goldfish in it, give it some respect, and watch Goldfish Memories; I know I am. And don't let Speedy Gonzales ever tell ya "Who Do You Think You're Talking To?!"
PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!