Friday, March 9, 2012

What's The Goldfish Thinking?

But does the Goldfish know that?
What’s that Goldfish thinking? Does a Goldfish even bother about trivial matters that seem so behemoth to us: such as that thing called “Thinking!” What does it even amount to? Almost all conversations are pregnant with the expression “I Think!” or the gone version of “I Thought” and what other thinking have you not! I’m penning thoughts here but resisting that need to think and seeing where the fingers go punching the keyboards. It’s a thankless job, this thinking bit, all the more compounded when you wanna pen it down and get it written. Is the written word a result of the thinking that went into it or can one just sit down and write without a premeditated goal in sight? The Goldfishes in the rectangular glass tank are still moving about flapping their sails in what must seem like a never ending Alice in Wonderland kind of a story. The problem is I know they are manufactured fish to help beautify the decor of people who love keeping colored little finned things called the aquarium fish in their living rooms, offices and wherever there is a spot of vanity or the bother thereof. There is purpose beyond looking like pretty little fish that swim and flap about their pretty little fins trapped in all kinds of transparent geometric glasses.
And if it knew, would it change his or her course in life in that little box of glass filled with stained water? Here we are, on Planet Earth and what have you not, and really, are we that different from the goldfish that does not know that there is a universe so vast and so infinite that really, if they knew it, perhaps their swimming bouts going hither and dither in the self-same glass of existence might have a hint of purpose to it? This is shooting darts in a blackened bar wall. Now what if the environ surrounding us was no different from that fish? What if this existence of ours was no bigger than that glass of tank and really, we were the goldfish to someone’s décor located in a particular setting the guy decided should be called The Milky Way?
Anyhow, the question is does it matter? I still remember the mugging they put me up through high school where matter was defined as “anything that has weight and occupies space” that eventually led me to coining up this priceless adage I discovered during those Dharma Bum days. It then progressed to “Matter is anything that has weight and occupies space and based on that, the expression of if you mind then it matters and if you do not, it does not matter!” Science and religion, no matter how badly portrayed or labeled, had at last found common ground. As I sit by this quaint little café called Café Klien (which really is little in Dutch) I’m forced yet again to face the goldfish. Let’s see… there are four of them, and sharing that little watery universe is one of those aquarium creatures that is forever pressing its fish-lips against the glass tank and seemingly screaming trying to get a word out. You can tell this guy as he is literally pressed watching the world within with a smirk that keeps eating and eating. There is one more character in there but I’ve no clue what he is about. He’s a little dull by aquarium standards; that is to say dull in the looking department. And now like a fish out of water, I’m back in my attic or the Attica as I’ve begun calling the residence. Grand name, that Attica of a Residence!
*a Goldfish Aside: [When Jeff Bridges starred as ‘The Dude’ in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, I bet he didn’t know that his character would one day inspire a whole new religion. Seven years after the film’s release, Oliver Benjamin was watching it with a large group of people in Thailand, when he says he was ‘transformed’. Soon, the Church of the Latter-Day Dude was born in the hip resort town of Pai; a modern-day hippie-style religion, where it’s okay to do pretty much as you please. Today, Dudeism has over 100,000 ordained Dudeist priests all over the world, and Benjamin is the Dudely Lama. It’s interesting to note that over 75 percent of the followers are male. One look at the religion’s official website, and you’re bound to think it’s a joke. But it isn’t, the Dudeists are actually pretty serious about being ‘cool’. Dudeism also borrows some of its philosophy from Chinese Taoism, and their idea is pretty simple: Just take it easy, man. Life is short and complicated, they say, and nobody knows what to do about it. So, don’t. Sounds pretty good, but I do wonder if it’s really that easy to be chilled out all the time. I suppose it’s for people like me that they even have a ‘Take it Easy Manifesto’ written by Arch Dudeship Rev. Dwayne Eutsey.]
PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!