Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sky & Smog

What Does a Bird Do?
Sings, Dances & Entertains You-
Be Grateful They Did.

Knots of Samsara;
Comes Draped in Rainbow Colors-
In Hopes of Gold Pots.

Some Wriggle Alive;
The Broken Hearted Many-
The Wholesome Few.

The Lonesome Gather;
For a Night of Escapade-
And a Dawn of Murky Hangovers.

This Is The Drayang;
Scorned Upon By Hypocrites-
With Clandestine Calls.

That Is The Temple;
Where Bowing Comes Naturally-
Ask Those Scrolled Buddhas, Looked At But Seldom Seen.

A Neon Lit Dark Chamber;
Laser Lights Illuminate The Guru's Abode-
And Dakinis Dance The Mudras.

In a Monastery's Altar;
Palms Lotus, Incense Burn, Butter Lamps Glow- And You Are Happy.

In a Drayang Girls Sing And Dance; The Booze Flashes And Flows;
But The Request Is The Same As Your Prayer In The Altar-
"Guide Me And Show Me Mercy;
Let Me Be Kind, Generous And Let Me Be Compassionate."

The Difference In a Lhakhang And a Drayang Is There Is No Difference;
One Shadows or Enlightens The Other-
Through Yourself Because If There Is a Difference;
It Lies Within You.
And Without-
How You Act Belies That Fact.

Such Is The Life;
To Live Beyond The Good And The Bad-
To See The Bare Naked Bones For The Beef, The Leaves For a Tree-
No Cold Rejection, Just Warm Recognition-
Setting Free The Ties That Bind; And Blinds.

Such Is The Life; of The Drayang And The Lhakhang- And All That Floats In-between.

The End.Is.The.Beginning.Is.The.End.
PS: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!