Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Bob Day Bob! (i Said That!)

(Anonymous) Ok. I have never been a big fan of Bob Dylan’s music.
But. I like the fact he went out … and kind of shoved it back in the face of establishment.
He kind of just said “here I am … take it or leave it.” And figured out how to be successful at what he wanted to do.
I am pretty sure the people who know exactly what they want to do … or what they will be good at .. are in the minority.
I would bet a really small minority.
And worse? People judging what YOU will be good at have a fairly poor track record as a rule of thumb .
What that means is if you are in that minority (who actually knows what they want to do) and the majority of people think you will suck at it … well … it not only sucks but it is tough.
People said Bob Dylan can’t sing. But he became a singer.
If you ever wonder if there is a formula for life … I would imagine Bob Dylan is the penultimate proof that there is not.

And while the majority of us will never be as famous or as successful as Bob that’s not really the point.
The point is that there are really only a couple of truths in Life:

1. All you can do is be you … no matter who that is.
2. Everything changes … all the frickin’ time as a matter of fact … so you should just do what you think you should do.

No. He can’t sing. But he is a singer.
If that isn’t a Life lesson I don’t know what is.

The Never Ending Star Book of Bob
-Lee Marshall

Bob Dylan's contribution to popular music is immeasurable. Venerated as rock's one true genius, Dylan is considered responsible for introducing a new range of topics and new lyrical complexity into popular music. Without Bob Dylan, rock critic Dave Marsh once claimed, there would be no popular music as we understand it today.

As such an exalted figure, Dylan has been the subject of countless books and intricate scholarship considering various dimensions of both the man and his music. This book places new emphasis on Dylan as a rock star. Whatever else Dylan is, he is a star -- iconic, charismatic, legendary, enigmatic. No one else in popular music has maintained such star status for so long a period of time.

Showing how theories of stardom can help us understand both Bob Dylan and the history of rock music, Lee Marshall provides new insight into how Dylan's songs acquire meaning and affects his relationship with his fans, his critics 
and the recording industry. Marshall discusses Dylan's emergence as a star in the folk revival (the "spokesman for a generation") and the formative role that Dylan plays in creating a new type of music -- rock -- and a new type of star. Bringing the book right up to date, he also sheds new light on how Dylan's later career has been shaped by his earlier star image and how Dylan repeatedly tried to throw off the limitations and responsibilities of his stardom. 
The book concludes by considering the revival of Dylan over the past ten years and how Dylan's stardom has developed in a way that contains, but is not overshadowed by, his achievements in the 1960s.

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