Friday, May 25, 2012

"How artistic is Your Squid Pro Duo recipe?”

(This is How a Reporter grills ya in Bhutan. This bit of fun took place some full moons back when I was Editor-in-Chief of DRUKPA (The Monthly ?)

Him:     History about how you started gaining interest in the art you do? [Like the Boldness of the Arrowed Question- in a HISTORIC way…]

Me: Writing was an expression, probably the best format considering the times we grew up in. I tried sketching but that fell by the way. Writing began with letters and dairies, most of which had to do with the misery of going hungry all the time in school!
I guess the absence of technological gadgets also gave us more time to immerse ourselves in books and comics (whatever we could get our hands on, actually) and that helped spur the writing bit.

Him:              Your living style? In details. [Sounded more like a command than a personal query- but then, you refuse a question like that and what do you know; there’s a hit squad up your ass. Loved the bit about ‘in details’]

Me: [gentile cooperation personified] I work a lot but don’t feel the burden as I do what I like doing (publishing a magazine). I socialize on occasion, mainly to keep the contacts and networks going. Recently I have been trying to use whatever time I can spare to help kids write. Mostly I’d like to see DRUKPA the magazine become a platform for writers of all backgrounds with content that is actually dictated/written by them in the form of essays and features and such. I also hope to help schools start their own newsletters to encourage reading and writing.

Him:              How do you feel is the situation in Bhutan with regard to the art that you have taken up? That is writing. [My thanks to him for pointing out the ART bit and well, I felt like my feelings were at this point in the interview- Historical! And thanked my stars quietly for taking up this ART].

Me: It is definitely on the rise, the interest in writing and the number of writers. The Internet and its various writing outlets; such as Blogging, Tweets, Social Networking platforms with diary like designs have helped provide beautiful platforms. And there are a lot of good writers who are not necessarily writers/reporters/journalists but write very well regarding matters personal/impersonal/social issues- their own lives, loves, interests, commentaries etc. The subjects are wide, varied and in my opinion very interesting and inspirational. They give you a break from the “sensationalism” and the “tabloid-ism” unfortunately prevalent in mainstream media.

Him:              How do you manage to put your imagination into word? [Good Q. How do ya do that you nuthead?]

Me: [Sounding artistic- like he intended or wanted? Who knows!] You get an image or a visual in your head, of what you want to write. In my case I get that little picture, don’t know what it’s about or where it’s going to go but if the picture is interesting enough then it’s a start -
beginning with a word, a sentence and keeping at it. I think writing, specifically your own thought-processes, is an organic activity, so you write and see where and how it grows or flows.

Him:              Your interest is different compared to most of the Bhutanese here? How? [Referencing the gypsy life I live, the beat up car I ride, physical fracas, time in the slammer, the long hair, tattoos, drugs and well… The Q was spot on. No escaping! Especially when it was followed up by the ‘How’].

Me: [WTF do I tell? All that shit above? Big moral quandary!]: Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess (This is called the Politician’s FCVKED UPPED Fork He Don’t Wanna PITCH).

Him:              Your views on the artistic work you do and how the youths reaction on this? [Gotta feel flattered about My Artistic Works- dunno much about the reaction of the Youths- Be Done Stabbing I Guess; Punch each Other out!].

Me: [Thinking “I Gotta Humbalize or this guy kidding me or what?”]:
I write so what I get is the Feedback, considering there is Feedback. The youth, being young, like stories/articles I’ve done on my not so accidental tryst with drugs. I hope they like it and but do not do it! (See how you don’t tread waters you don’t wanna swim/drown in?)

Him:              About the new trends, what do you have to say about this? [Had no clue to the said Trend- Didn’t know it was Trendy or Fashionable too].

Me: [Thinking You Bloody Moron!] You have not mentioned the trends but if it is about writing then like I said the Blog-O-Sphere has been the pot of gold.

Him:              Your faith in what you do? [Yeah- your damn faith- what is it? I’m thinking Born Buddhist Practicing Atheist].

Me: [Cheesy] It’s a love affair that will go on and on!

Him:              You seem to contribute a real art (modern) to the youths? What do you have to say on this? (I was beginning to see visions of Van Gogh, Modigliani, and Picasso… Tho’ I did take his Stern Rehearsed bit on the reference to Real Art to heart- sometimes you just lick the honey… baby!)

Me: [Thinking should I hug this guy or punch him out?] I’ll take that as a compliment (even if I’m not sure what you are alluding to). If someone wanted to become a writer and take that as a profession, I’d say there are probably more opportunities today than ever and the pool is only going to get bigger as writing goes into demand for various needs such as advertising, brochures, scripts and screenplays for films; websites, newsletters, literature, television and radio and on and on.

Him:           Anything that you would like to add apart from your work? [Yeah- Shoot Some Arrows in Them Morons Assing in Parliament at the Infinite Battle of Changlimithang].

Me: [A trod I’m thinking… just trod in there… like The Highway Man]) Yes. What goes around comes around, so do not mess up and stay honest because Karma always catches up with you- its why John wrote Instant Karma. (You see, he fvdcked up too. And then I get up and politely usher out this prodigious talent… Tho’ I was a tad disappointed he didn’t ask the penultimate question: “How’d you managed to fvck things up so many fvckin’ times like some bookie’s keeping scores?”
But hey, that’s life… You Get Some; You Lose Some and yeah; Next Time You Get Interviewed, Dress Warm- ‘Cos the Qs are Cold.

PS: All that appeared was the “He Was Hungry in School Bit- And Then to Feed the Hunger He Wrote Was Chopped- Cut & Dry and Left Out! So really, he could have just called me and said, “Is hunger fine?” Would have saved me the aggravation, the bloody puto!

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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