Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deathly Loveth

Its At Times Like These;

We Hear Death Chipping Away-
Smug That Time Has Come;

To Peel Off The Love; And Smash Its Kernel...
Which Keeps Two Souls In a Shroud-
Whilst One Eye Drops Tears;
The Other Sheds The Facade-

Telling Hatred Not This Day, Nor In All The Days to Come...
Forcing Death Itself to Look-

And See The Power of Love; Inviting a Longing Seldom Felt;
Of The Kind That Loves Without Expectation;

For Such Is the Bond Between Love And Hate; And Death and Life-
When They Truly Learn to Hold Hands,
And Are Instantly Freed From The Grip-
That So Often Chokes Love;
Not Knowing That Love Thrives In Freedom;

And Freedom Is Finally What Emboldens Us-
To Hold Forth The Love, Without a Hint of Rein, And Behold That Simple Truth- Of the Compassionate Nature of Love, And Its Blossoms of Plenty... As It Sprouts Spontaneously...

Its At Times Like These;

We Begin to Remember-
The Truth of Seeing...
Minus The Canvas;

A Heart-Full of Colors... Painting Rainbows Where They Be None-
Minus The Clutching Desire... Breezing a Fluttering Leaf In Your Direction; With a Note That Sings, Love Is All You Need...

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!
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